Peter Drops in at GRIT Strength + Conditioning in East Austin

Hey, what's up? This is Peter from FringeSport. I just stopped in this morning and was doing a little workout with Steph here at GRIT. We're in Austin, Texas. Steph, tell us a little bit about GRIT?

Steph: GRIT is a strength and conditioning gym here on the Upper East Side in Austin. We do all kinds of training. We lift heavy weight. We move fast. We go long. We train mental fitness intentionally. We have an amazing community of athletes. Family and tribe is a big priority for us. We have so much fun training together, and what else?

That's amazing. Here in Austin, Texas, East Side Austin, Texas.

Steph: Yeah.

Can people come by? What if somebody wants to check us out? Is there a drop in fee or they just drop in? What happens?

Steph: Usually people will contact me or one of the coaches, and then people can come by and observe. They can drop in. It's a $20 drop in fee. We like to screen our athletes previously just so we know where they're at physically so we know how to best integrate them into a session so-

Pre-screening for actual physicality?

Steph: Yes. We're screening to see if people have a background in this, or if they're brand new athletes, or if they have any disfunctionalities that we need to keep an eye on when they come into a session.

There's a lot of barbell work. I know that just from following you on social and stuff like that. Is that intimidating? Let's say an athlete doesn't have a lot of barbell background. What would you say to that?

Steph: I would say that any athlete no matter whether they've picked up a barbell or not is welcome at GRIT. We have had athletes who've never done any bar work. They don't even know what a barbell is. They've never squatted in their life. They come in and they just start with body weight, and then you build up towards that. It's a slow process. We have athletes, veteran athletes, who've been doing this for a long time and random athletes who've never experienced this. We load them and guide them through the training based on where they're at in terms of their experience and their capacity. If you're intimidated by a barbell, yes, that's totally normal. Most people are when they first start. We can always modify if we need to.

Awesome. Thanks a lot.

Steph: Thank you.

Every summer GRIT runs a great youth camp, #GRITnuggets, in their gym. They teach them about strength and conditioning: going over proper technique, mobility, mental fitness, teamwork and more. Kids are empowered and motivating themselves as well as the other kids, as you can see in this video they put together. Get more information about GRIT Youth Summer Camps.


5811 Berkman Dr #119
Austin, TX 78723

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