Peter Saves Christmas - The Fringe Sport Way!

It was Christmas Eve and Peter Keller, of Fringe Sport fame, was clearing off his desk, preparing to head home and enjoy the holiday with his family.

Just then the phone on his desk rang. “I know I don’t usually put phone calls through to you,” Amy, the customer service rep, said. “But this one sounded important and when she told me her name, I had to take a chance.”

“That’s fine,” Peter said. “Let me see what I can do.”

He grabbed the handset on his desk and said, “Hello, this is Peter, How can I help you with your strength story?”

“Peter, I am so glad I caught you before you left out for Christmas,” the sweet grandmotherly voice on the other end said. “I need your help putting a gym together for my husband and we have to do it tonight while he’s gone.  It’s a surprise!”

“We can definitely do that! We work fast around here,” Peter responded with a smile. “But the problem will be, how will I get the gear up there in time?”

“That’s not a problem. I’ll send transportation for you!” The caller said merrily.  “We have extra roomy vehicles here – you know we have to carry lots of stuff!"

Peter discussed what he needed to bring, making his list and checking it twice.  A time was set for pick up, and off he went to gather up all the necessary gear from the warehouse.


At the pre-appointed time, Peter was ready and waiting on the loading dock, surrounded by boxes of Fringe Sport gear.  Just then, the customer’s transport pulled up and several helpers jumped out to load everything in.  Peter jumped in behind and away they went before he could blink.

In what seemed like minutes, they were pulling up in front of the customer’s house.  The customer met him at the door. “I am so glad you were able to come – but we have to hurry. My husband will be back soon!”

So Peter and the helpers set to work, carrying in boxes of bumpers, barbells, kettlebells, a squat rack, Immortal wall balls and other odds and ends.

With Peter giving directions, and pitching in to put together the rack, positioning the rower and bike just so, and putting the final touch with the “Come and Lift It” Banner, the gym was up and ready just in time.

“Here he comes!  Listen!” said the helpers, pointing up towards the sky. Peter looked, but didn’t see anything. But – wait – was that BELLS he heard? 

In the twinkle of an eye, and a sudden whoosh, the customer’s husband appeared.  “Well, well, well – hello, there, Peter.  I haven’t heard from you in years!” said the jolly man with the ready smile.

“Hello, sir,” said Peter, offering his hand. “I’m here because your wife has a surprise for you.”

And here came the customer, smiling.  “Come see what Peter and the helpers did, Papa,” she says, taking his hand and leading him to the back of the workshop.

The door opened and in they stepped.  The kindly gentleman stopped, and laid his finger on his nose, taking it all in with twinkling eyes.  “Ho, ho, ho – Mama, what have you done?”

“Oh, Papa – I made you a gym so you have a place to workout.  Aren’t you tired of being told you shake like a bowl full of jelly?” she asked, removing his soft fur coat, and shaking the soot and ashes off of it.


He turned back to Peter, “And you, young man – you’re responsible for this? You brought all this equipment up for me to use?”

“Yes, Santa – I wanted to help make your Christmas merry, like you have done for so many children over the years.” Peter said.  “Next year you’ll be able to fit down the chimneys even better!”

“Ho! Ho! Ho!”  Santa laughed, and everyone joined in. “Well, thank you, Peter.  I always knew, when you were a boy, you’d grow up to help people!”

Peter shook his hand, hugged Mrs. Claus, and then said, “I have had a blast, but I really need to be getting back.  I’m sure my kids must be wondering where I am at!”

Santa said, “Hop in and we’ll have you back home before Rudolph’s nose dims!” 

Peter hopped back in the sleigh, waved to everyone and felt the whoosh as the sleigh rose into the air, traveling at speeds faster than Superman.

Before long, they were hovering over Peter’s house. He jumped to the ground and waved as Santa headed back home to his new gym.  “Merry Christmas, Peter!   I’ll give you a ring if I need help making gainz!”  Santa shouted as he flew away.

Peter stood watching and then turned towards the house.  “What a night – no one will ever believe that Santa will have a body like Ah-nold come next Christmas!” he thought as he walked into the …….

“DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY – SANTA CAME TO THE HOUSE – COME SEE!”  Peter awoke to the excited sounds of his kiddos beside his bed.  They ran back to the living room to see everything Santa brought for good little children.

Peter lay for a moment, thinking about his dream.  “What in the world is going on?” he thought.  “That’s it.  I am never watching that Tim Allen Christmas movie before bed and eating s’mores.  Not a good mix!”



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