Phil Tamez of CrossFit BulletProof explains how "No Contract" policy helps keep their clients.

What is your name? Philip Tamez

How would you describe your title? Owner, Head Coach

Where should we send visitors?

What is the name of your box? CrossFit BulletProof

Are you a Crossfit Affiliate? If so, how many years have you been affiliated? CrossFit affiliate for 4.5 yrs

How many years have you been in business? Been in business for 5.5 yrs

What sort of training do you offer (personal training, group fitness, etc)? CrossFit classes, personal training, Olympic weight lifting 

How would you describe your community? We have a great community! Everyone comes early for their classes and stays late afterwards. People show up even on days they're not working out. 

How would you describe your training style or philosophy? We are really laid back here and we like it this way. We don't take CrossFit too seriously but we still train hard. We want you to have a good time while you're here and get your butts kicked at the same time.

Tell us about your box. CrossFit BulletProof was started in a simple way from the ground up over 5 yrs ago. I started training a couple of fellow coworkers in the morning and evenings and the local high school track for a "Biggest Loser" contest they were having at their place of business. Then they wanted to incorporate more weights and more of a strength program so it was moved to my garage at my house. Soon neighbors got evolved and more fellow coworkers and the garage turned in to 10 people.......then 15. then 25. At this point the garage was outgrown and the need for more space came about and we moved to a warehouse right down the street that was perfect, and the rest is history. 

Describe your best source for getting new members. One of the best ways to get new member is always word of mouth. These are clients marketing for you for free and most of the time it is recruiting quality leads and new members. Did I mention it was free?

Is there anything that you found for member retention? We believe in a "customer comes first" mentality, we want you to be happy. One important aspect we like to incorporate in this way of thinking is our "No Contract" policy. We want you to be at our gym because you want to be there, not because you're locked in to 3 more months or 7 more months. This is a class room style program and one bad attitude can ruin it for everyone. We do offer multiple months discount, but we have steps for you to back out of them if you ever so choose to..but that doesn't happen too often.

Are there any marketing channels that you hate or are very poor? There are other channels that I do NOT recommend. companies like Groupon and Living Social. These are programs that don't get you a high percentage of quality leads. These programs decrease the value of your gym and methodology and bring you way too many of the customers that only want the cheapest deal possible. 90% of them will be on to the next cheap deal after your deal is done...and you had to split the already ridiculous deal with Groupon by 50%. Plus you're getting customers that have no idea what they are doing when it comes to Olympic Weightlifting, now it has become a safety issue. If you don't have an on-ramp program in place or the new members have not been trained prior in Olympic weightlifting, you're going to have some issues and the cost may not be worth it.

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    • Amy

      Love this dude! He knows his stuff and has fun doing it!! Great motivator too!

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