Did this Canada Garage Gym Go John McClane?

We're getting close to that magical time of year when we want to bedeck the halls of Nakatomi Plaza. 

Nakatomi Plaza
Celebrating 30 years of Xmas with Nakatomi Plaza then and now. 
How can you not have Die Hard on your mind this time of year? I think I'm guilty. Punish me.


I came across this Canada garage gym that put out this sweet promo video. I watched it and felt...

Ok it could be a stretch. Still it's a great promo vid.  


I don't know, but I felt a twinge of John McClane and was ready to kick ass after watching this. 

die hardIf training makes me feel like this, take me to your nearest garage gym NOW!

The video was done by The Garage Gym, a  functional fitness, strength and conditioning facility in Amherstburg, and Kingsville, Ontario, Canada. 

Here are their website and Instagram page if you live in the area or ever want to drop in for a visit. 

They're onto something, as functional fitness is the hottest fitness trend in Canada this year. For those north of the border who are functional fitness super fans, check out Canada's functional fitness federation.

So if you're ready to get in shape to kick Hans Gruber's ass...

hans gruber

Get to the Canada garage gym now, or the nearest one to you. 

After all, another edition of Die Hard, simply called McClane, will supposedly come out this winter/soonish? Emphasis on the "ish." Read up on it here.

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