Tyler's Transformation is TERRIFIC!

Meet Tyler - when he was 17, he decided he had to make a change.

And boy - did he EVER!

Fringe Sport Transformation Testimony Tyler

Tyler started out at 250 pounds.  He said he had been heavy nearly his entire life and decided that he was tired of that.

"I wanted to change and felt that MAJOR changes in my life were absolutely necessary!" Tyler told us.

So what did he decide to do?  He made those changes by finding what he could control.

He said he counted his calories religiously.  He tried to stay under 1700 calories a day, made sure he stuck to having mostly protein and low carbs, and then would even choose protein shakes for breakfast and lunch.  When supper rolled around, he chose shredded chicken or beef.

But counting calories wasn't Tyler's only change.  He decided he needed exercise too.

So he started doing cardio - and boy was it tough.  He told us "I could hardly do a mile when I first started, but gradually I worked my way up to running 10 miles!"  Tyler let us know.  He says it depends on the time he has how much he runs, but he is doing great!

And he even found time to add in some upper body workouts in the gym when he could squeeze them in.

Tyler told us it was very important to have a goal to work towards in order to keep moving forward.  He said he was always trying to improve and it helped him stay motivated.

Was it easy?  "NO!" Tyler emphatically stated but it was "absolutely worth it in the end.

He said "It can be difficult to stick with it when starting out, because motivation will come and go. But I implore you to stick with it until you start noticing the change, it’s a amazing feeling and it really drives you to work harder and further improve."

And what was Tyler's end result??  After 5 months of hard work, he weighed 170 pounds!   What a great result!

Frnge Sport Transformation testimony Tyler

We are thrilled Tyler shared his transformation with us - and we are super proud of him and what he accomplished. 

Do you have a transformation testimony you'd like to share?  Shoot us an email to team@fringesport.com and let us know you want to share.  We'll send you out all the information!

Congrats to Tyler on his transformation!

And, as always, Lift Heavy, Lift Happy!

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