What is the ACFT and what equipment do I need for it?

They say to have peace, you must prepare for war. Well, how do you prepare your soldiers for war?

The US Army is in the roll-out process for a new fitness test with the aim of better connecting fitness and combat readiness for the troops.

This new fitness test is the ACFT- Army Combat Fitness Test.

What is the ACFT?

The ACFT is the Army Combat Fitness Test.

The goals of the ACFT are:

  • Improve soldier and unit readiness
  • Transform the Army's fitness culture
  • Reduce preventable injuries and attrition
  • Enhance mental toughness and stamina

ACFT Army Combat Fitness Test - KettlebellWhat exercises are included in the ACFT?

The ACFT includes 6 exercises:

  1. 3 Repetition max deadlift (trap bar)
  2. Standing power throw
  3. Hand release push-up with arm extension
  4. Sprint-drag-carry
  5. Leg tuck
  6. Two-mile run

ACFT - Three Rep Max Deadlift

What equipment do I need for the ACFT?

You can test yourself or practice for the ACFT with a small amount of common gym equipment:

  • Trap bar (milspec is 60#)
  • Weight plates (milspec is bumper plates, 2 pair 10#s, 1 pair 15#s, 1 pair 25#s, 1 pair 35#s, 1 pair 45#s)
  • Barbell collars or spring clamps
  • Pull sled with pull strap (milspec is nylon sled, no harness)
  • 10# medicine ball (milspec is hard rubber, 9" diameter)
  • 40# Kettlebell
  • Pullup bar (milspec is 1.5" pullup bar diameter, a squat stand is suggested)

ACFT - Standing Power Throw

How is the ACFT scored?

The ACFT is scored with 3 points possible on each of the 6 exercises:

  • 0 points
  • 60 points
  • 100 points

For the individual exercises, here are the standards:

  1. 3 Repetition max deadlift (0 points <140 pounds, 60 points =>140 pounds, 100 points =>340 pounds)
  2. Standing power throw (0 points <4.5 meters, 60 points =>4.5 meters, 100 points =>12.5 meters) 
  3. Hand release push-up with arm extension (0 points <10 repetitions, 60 points =>10 repetitions, 100 points =>60 repetitions)
  4. Sprint-drag-carry (0 points <3:00 minutes, 60 points =>3:00 minutes, 100 points =>1:33 minutes)
  5. Leg tuck (0 points <1 repetition, 60 points =>1 repetition, 100 points =>20 repetitions)
  6. Two-mile run (0 points <21:00 minutes, 60 points =>21:00 minutes, 100 points =>13:30 minutes)

ACFT - Hand Release Push-up

How can I do the ACFT at home?

Most of the equipment used for the ACFT is common gym equipment. Want to test your fitness?

  • Make sure you have all the equipment ready.
  • Have a course laid out for the Sprint-drag-carry.
  • Have a course mapped for the 2 mile run. Remember, the course should be "generally flat".
  • Don't have a trap bar? Use a normal barbell to substitute for your home/training ACFT.

Pick a date and time and go to town!

ACFT - Sprint-Drag-Carry

When is the ACFT rolling out?

The ACFT is rolling out right now- with full roll-out expected by no later than October 2020.

ACFT Army Combat Fitness Test Rollout

ACFT - Leg Tuck

Have you done the ACFT?

Got any more questions on it? Hit us in the comments below.

ACFT - Two Mile Run

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