2x3 Dip Station (4771962500)
2x3 Dip Station (4771962500)
2x3 Dip Station (4771962500)
2x3 Dip Station (4771962500)
2x3 Dip Station (4771962500)
2x3 Dip Station (4771962500)
2x3 Dip Station (4771962500)
2x3 Dip Station (4771962500)
2x3 Dip Station (4771962500)
2x3 Dip Station (4771962500)
2x3 Dip Station (4771962500)
2x3 Dip Station (4771962500)
2x3 Dip Station (4771962500)
2x3 Dip Station (4771962500)

2x3 Dip Station

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2"x3" Dip Bar Attachment

The Dip Bar fits all racks with a 2" x 3" 11-gauge steel and 5/8" holes. It is also fully adjusts to your preferred height. Perfect for straight bar dips to strengthen your upper body.

  • Can be easily added to most racks or rigs with 2"x3" uprights with 5/8" holes.
  • The angular bar layout allows you to adjust your workout, go closer for a narrower dip and further out for a wider dip.
  • There are not a ton of people in the functional fitness world that would do dips with every workout, so it's nice to hook it on your rack or rig, do your dips, and unhook when you're done.

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1 - 2" x 3" Dip Bar Attachment




26" at the widest and 18" at the narrowest. It comes out 23" from the rack when attached.

Best Fit

Uprights 2 inches wide and 3 inches deep with 5/8 inch holes (on 2 inch side).

Handle Diameter

1.5 inches


12.5 pounds

Weight Capacity

600 pounds


Powder-Coated Steel


1 Year

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What Are the Top 3 Benfits Of A Dip Station?

Tricep Magic: Dips are like tricep magic. They are 10X more effective than overhead extensions, kickbacks, and skull crushers becuase it's a compound movement allowing you to progressivly overload the tricep with more weight. More weight resistance = bigger muscles. Science!

Total Upper Body Workout: A dip bar station attachment targets your chest, triceps, shoulders, and core. It's like having a complete upper body gym in one attachment.

Dynamic Strength: Dips build functional strength, making daily activities like pushing, lifting, and carrying easier. Your arms become not just show muscles, but strong tools.

Durable, Sturdy, and Affordable. The Trifecta of Rack Attachments.

600lb Weight Capacity: Our Dip station has been tested to hold 600lbs, making it perfect for advanced lifters who want to do weighted dips.

Sturdy By Design: Our Dip Bar Attachment has 2 safety pins that you slide through your rack, making it stable as a rock when you're doing dips.

Easily Attach To Your Rack In Seconds: Just pop the 2 safety pins into your rack and you're ready for your next training session on this bad boy!

Will This Fit My Squat Rack?

Fits all Squat Racks with 2" X 3" Uprights with 5/8" holes

Tested at 600# at Fringe Sport with no issue

Required By California Law - WARNING: This product may have materials, which are known to the State Of California, that can cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, California Prop 65: https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

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