Osprey Commercial Power Cage (3x3)


Osprey Commercial Power Cage (3x3)

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Your squat cage search ends today. Introducing the Osprey Commercial Power Cage by Fringe Sport. 12 years of outfitting garage gyms, CrossFit boxes, professional sports teams and more led to the creation of our best squat rack ever.

And we're giving it away for free.

Well, not the rack. But the plans for the rack. They are right here. Free to use. Want to build your own? Do it, with our blessing.

Why would we do such a thing? Let's talk about the rack for a moment- then hit that mystery.

The Osprey Commercial Power Cage comes from over a decade of improving lives through Strength- and seeing how our customers use their racks.

Most of our customers set up their squat cage as the KING of their garage gym. It's their centerpiece- the linchpin from which all other gear flows.

And many customers want THE BEST. A squat rack for the ages. And what could be better than a commercial squat rack?

A lot of things, actually.

Commercial squat racks are strong- no doubt. But they also suffer from a few things.

High cost. We are talking $2,000 to $4,000 for a basic "half rack" configuration.

Few attachments. In the past 5 years, the attachment ecosystem for home squat racks has EXPLODED. But few or none of these attachments fit most commercial units.

Low flexibility. Most commercial squat racks are very good at a few things, and terrible at most else. They are impossible to reconfigure (even something as simple as pullup bar height!)

And there are a few companies making commercial-style racks for home use- and making attachments for these racks. But they have a dirty secret.

They are trying to lock you into their "ecosystem" for attachments. A few even try to scare you that "it's too risky" to buy from anyone except them (since they are the most stable company on earth, apparently.) And, many companies are now patenting their squat racks. Bro, it's a few sticks of metal with some holes in it. I'm not sure you and only you ever thought of that!

The Osprey kills all that noise.

High cost? The base Osprey cage comes in at 40% less with FREE SHIPPING than most commercial options- despite offering the same thick steel, expert design and construction, weight limits that exceed ALL world record lifts (and indeed, even the human capacity to lift). AND, we back it with our double-lifetime warranty. The Osprey will be free of defects for your lifetime... and the lifetime of your kids.

Few attachments? The Osprey launches with 10+ attachments, accessories, and accouterments. And in an industry first, we specifically designed the Osprey to "play nice with others"- attachments for most other racks will fit the Osprey- and vice versa.

Low flexibility? You ever play with an erector set when you were a kid? Then you'll love the Osprey. Specifically engineered to be infinitely expandable. The uprights and crossbeams are endlessly configurable and reconfigurable. Want a whole "rig" of Osprey parts? We can do it. Want a "double rack" or a set-up that spans sideways to add storage? In, in, in.

Now back to "ecosystems," expandability, and us giving away the plans.

The mission of Fringe Sport is to improve lives through Strength. As we were working on the Osprey project, we saw the beginnings of the "locked ecosystem" for squat racks and accessories. As. business decision, it might be a good one. You sell a customer a rack once, and they are forced to buy from you thereafter.

But as an ethical decision, it stinks. So when we were brainstorming what we should do, a voice spoke up from the back of the room. "What if we make our rack compatible with everyone else's? And what if we INVITE makers, 3-D printers, and even other companies to innovate and build on our design. What if we DON'T patent our design? What if we do the opposite- and give it away?"

PK, our CEO, fired that person immediately. 

Just kidding.

We LOVED the idea. And it also dovetailed with a movement was had seen- many customers in "developing" countries have been asking us for squat racks and other equipment, but the cost of the equipment plus shipping puts the gear well out of their reach.

This way, we can send them these plans. And if they have a welder friend and can lay hands on some tubing... they can have a world class squat rack.

Now we mentioned above the Commercial and toughness bonafide. Here's more information.

Made with 11 gauge steel covered in super tough powder coat, the Osprey Rack will serve you for years.   How, you may ask? Your lifetime. Plus more.

What else?

To start with, this rack has a 1200 pound capacity.  OVER ONE THOUSAND POUNDS!   You can use this rack to go from couch potato training and lifting just the bar, all the way up to world champion- you will never outgrow this rack.

Want a bigger taller upright?  This upright height of 89 inches (over 7 feet!) will allow you to do squats, pull ups of any kind, resistance training, benching, butcher a hog, hang a hammock ..... well, okay - too much - but you get the point!

Those same uprights are precision laser-numbered on the front and the back, making it easy to move spotter arms, j-cups and any other attachments with ease (and no blue air!)

All holes are 1" diameter for both uprights and cross members. And that's STANDARD, my friends!   So you can not only use our gear and accessories - but even accessories you might find elsewhere!

The Osprey rack is an amazing 47 inches wide with 41 inch width inside the uprights. And to make it even better we offer you options for the rack depth, so if you don't think your space will support the larger rack without stubbing a few toes, you can have a 30 inch depth (with 36" on the outside). It's like a mini cave in your gym!

Wanna lift alone?  We got you covered because safety first, right?  To be sure you don't drop a bar and hurt anything - you can choose multiple safety options.   You can grab pin pipe safeties to use - or a power spotters that are super long to catch anything that drops - or even safety straps that are flexible enough to not let ANYTHING hit you or the floor!!  How cool is that - we protect not only you but your bar too!  And give you all the options to do it! We are just too much! 

And there's also a set of j-cups included with UMHW on the back of the cups to protect your uprights and lined in the cup to protect the bar.  I don't know how much more you can stand of our protection - we just have you covered in layers and layers and layers of foam and rubber!  (and the bonus?  Both are replaceable!! So in the unlikely event that you wear it out, you just put new foam or UMHW on and keep grabbin' the gainz!)

And you know what we haven't mentioned? How could we have forgotten? There's a 1" diameter pull-up bar that can be moved around to different heights.  Perfect for any user height - even Alice in Wonderland with all her ups and down would be comfy on this rack!

And to make the Fringe Sport 3x3 Osprey Rack  even more amazing - you can floor mount this rack to make is extra amazingly stable ...... or you can buy the additional foot extensions if you don't want to mount it anywhere.  Maybe you have a travel itch and like to redecorate your gym by moving it all around every so often.  The foot extensions let you do that!

We have multiple configurations of what you can choose for the rack to make it exactly what you need - you just follow the Fringe Squatch Prints:

Choose your rack depth:

Want 30 inches or 41 inches?  Either one gives tons of room to work!

Choose your safety options:

Want spotter arms? We've got those. Maybe some pin pipe safeties are more your style - we've got those too.   We even have super strong safety straps to use on the rack. Pick one or all 3 for your rack!

Choose your attachment options:

You can use this rack to store gear and move it off the floor.  Need a spot for your barbell? Grab a couple of our barbell holders that attach to your rack.  Want to get those plates up and out of the way?  Our weight storage pegs are the perfect solution for that - and you can get long or short!  You can even get a battle rope anchor to put your battle rope to work.

Decide if you want "feet":

This rack is super sturdy and not likely to move around while you're getting your gains. But if you want to be completely certain your rack won't move with your personal record of pull-ups, you can get feet extension to keep it from moving at all!

Chose one - or all -of our extras:

We don't stop at just accessories.  We also offer you side bumper plate storage for both sizes of the rack to hold your stacks of bumpers.  Need a place to stash the bar?  We've got that too - a horizontal AND a vertical version!  Want a single storage shelf - or two - that can hold anything from KBs to DBs to your favorite sandwich an brew? We have that too!  Plus plate storage pins (long & short depending on how many extra plates you have!), a battle rope anchor and even some high class roller j-cups that do the hard work of putting your bar in the right place every time!  Choose one - or ALL - of the amazing accessories!

The Fringe Sport 3x3 Osprey Rack will solve the problem of what cage you need for the rest of your lifting career - and for your kids (and their kids!) as well.  Sturdy, durable, and built to change as needed, the 3x3 Osprey Rack is the perfect cage for every lifter.

The Fringe Sport Osprey is our most premium rack.  Infinitely changeable and adaptable, having this rack in your gym will make you want to return home every day, ready to get your gainz on!


  • Heavy duty 11 gauge steel with a black powder coat that will hold up and keep racking year after year.
  • 89 inch uprights to work with all but the tallest Fringe-squatch.
  • Rack Dimensions:   30 inch - 89 inches high x 47 inches wide (outside upright to outside upright with 41 inches inside uprights) x 36 inches deep (outside upright to outside upright with 30 inches depth inside depth).    41 inch  - 89 inches high x 47 inches wide (outside upright to outside upright with 41 inches inside uprights) x 47 inches depth (outside upright to outside upright with 41 inches inside the uprights depth).
  • Numbered uprights on both back and front so you can move all your accessories around without twisting into a pretzel.
  • Standard 1" holes on al uprights and cross members with 1" hardware - and this is compatible with ALL major competitors, including those who must not be named.
  • Two depth options in case you want to have a party - you can get either 30" depth inside uprights (36"outside) or 41" depth inside the uprights (47" outside).
  • Standard Fringe Sport Banner on the back cross member, so you can show your Fringe Fam pride all day, every day!
  • UMHW Covered J-Cups that will withstand up to 1000 pounds of weight!
  • Lots Of Extra Accessories to trick this rack out and make it everything you want it to be, including safety straps, inside-the-cage spotter arms, foot extensions for stability, band peg, vertical AND horizontal barbell holders, storage shelf, weight plate storage peg AND roller j-cups!
  • Warranty:  Fringe Sport's industry first double-lifetime warranty


Check out what Jonathan  from NoFate247 has to say about this rack he's been using (but hopefully not abusing) in his on garage gym!






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A Fringe Sport Customer
United States United States

Built to last 2 Lifetimes

Let's just talk about the elephant in the room, this beast of a rack not only has a lifetime warranty but so does it's accessories. That's amazing. This rack is 100% commercial grade, very heavy, very tough, and amazingly stable. The feet on the upright go all the way around, adding extra stability. The numbers on both sides of the upright is a HUGE help in quickly adding/removing uprights. Packaging was solid and assembly is straight forward.

Fringe Sport Osprey Commercial Power Cage (3x3) ReviewFringe Sport Osprey Commercial Power Cage (3x3) ReviewFringe Sport Osprey Commercial Power Cage (3x3) ReviewFringe Sport Osprey Commercial Power Cage (3x3) ReviewFringe Sport Osprey Commercial Power Cage (3x3) Review
Dawson W.
United States United States

Quality at a great price!

Did a lot of research into different home gym equipment and ended up going with Fringe. I have to say the aesthetics, the build quality of the squat rack, bar, and plates, and the price point made it hard to find a better choice. Also was glad to support a local company. Would highly recommend

Nathaniel B.
United States United States

Commercial setting or home gym, this rack will do you right

The rack is legit! It's like a big beautiful tank, overbuilt and indestructible while still managing to be the gorgeous centerpiece of my gym. We’ve dropped 500+ lbs onto the safety straps several times and they look brand new. It remains rock solid stable when reracking heavy weights or doing things like muscle ups.

Joana K.
United States United States

Overall 10/10 recommend

The rack that we got from Fringe is great! The quality is well worth it. I love that you are able to have so many attachments for it like the dip bar, different options of safeties, the cables, etc. Definitely my favorite squat rack. The J hooks move so easily and don't get stuck like some other gyms. It's very accommodating for people of all sizes. My husband is 6ft, I'm 5'3 and the rack is great. Sometimes I have to stand on a bench to change attachments for the top cable, but that is a short person problem everywhere haha. I have been using a chain to make the high cable lower for exercises like lat pull down, which helps. I stream my workouts live from Twitch every morning Monday- Friday and have had quite a few people ask my about the rack, and I always recommend it! I tell my viewers everything we got is from either Fringe, Academy, or Amazon. I always mention how amazing Fringe is with their quality and their customer service! Fringe's customer service is so great that is why we keep coming back for more! We got bumper plates, barbells, a GHD, kettlebells and more from Fringe and are very happy with everything! I also have started making YouTube video tutorials on different exercises and during my streams and videos Fringe is always advertised in my gym because I truly believe Fringe is one of the best fitness equipment stores around! A few things I would change is the cables that we got to attach to the rack. I love doing cable raises and flys but the bracket itself is very heavy (I was told about 20lbs) so I cannot perform any of those exercises because I'm not strong enough to do so. I would also love a pull up bar with different grips instead of just the straight bar, but I love the straight bar. I personally wasn't the biggest fan of the original safeties because it was a bit of a struggle adjust them, but we got different safety attachments from Fringe and they work great! Overall 10/10 recommend!