American Longhorn Bar (7281522016303)
American Longhorn Bar (7281522016303)
American Longhorn Bar (7281522016303)
American Longhorn Bar (7281522016303)
American Longhorn Bar (7281522016303)
American Longhorn Bar (7281522016303)
American Longhorn Bar (7281522016303)
American Longhorn Bar (7281522016303)
American Longhorn Bar (7281522016303)
American Longhorn Bar (7281522016303)

American Longhorn Bar

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Strap your boots on and buckle in, because the American Long Horn Bar is here!

This dynamic barbell is specifically engineered for power lifts such as squats and bench presses. With improved lat engagement and scapular retraction, you can enhance your bracing and positioning. Make a bold statement and gear up for front squats and rows like a true American cowboy.

The transition to this Longhorn bar will make you look forward to every leg day.

We offer a Lifetime Warranty on the American Long Horn Bar. Rest assured, it is built with durability in mind and will never let you bend or break during your grind.

The symbol of Texas, the essence of rugged American culture, can now be the heart of your fitness journey. The American Long Horn Bar embodies the spirit of the Old West and feeds your gains just like the protein-rich Longhorn has nourished America for over half a century.


1 - Longhorn Barbell


48 pounds

Tensile Strength

190,000 PSI

Weight Tolerance

+/- .01 lb nominal

Weight Capacity

Only test up to 1200 pounds due to size restrictions.

Full Diameter



Bright Zinc Finish with Ribbed Sleeves


Medium to slightly aggressive



Best Use

Squat, Lunge


87" long

Shaft Specs

32mm diameter

Product ID


This bar was manufactured right here in the USA

Squat and Lunging for Built Hamstrings

This bar is designed to provide ultimate comfort for your shoulders while squatting and benching. The Longhorn sits with unmatched stability and comfort on your back, making it perfect for intensive training sessions. The altered angles and comforting bends provide relief and ease for your shoulders, wrists, and biceps. If shoulder issues are of concern, this bar is a must-have in your fitness arsenal.

Apart from its rugged looks, the American Long Horn Bar is powerful. Its 48LB (21kg) weight ensures a challenging and efficient workout, equipped with top-grade materials that can endure the roughest of sessions.

From deadlifts and squats to bench presses and rows, the Longhorn Bar is ideal for a variety of weightlifting exercises. Its curvature provides a unique hold and offers a new twist to your workouts, promising to keep your leg day sessions exciting. If you are looking for a cambered Longhorn bar that is better for benching & squatting at a lower price point, check out the Longhorn Bar.

We Stand Behind (and lift under) Our Products

Buy With Confidence with Our Lifetime Warranty - No Questions Asked Guarantee:

If for any reason you're not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it for a full refund. No questions asked!

You may wonder why we'd do this... it's simple. We don't sell anything we don't personally train and lift on every day. If you're not 100% RAVING about your new bar, let us know and we'll happily buy it back. Guaranteed.

Backing America 

Let's get lifting with unwavering American spirit!"This bar was built right here in the USA. Don't be intimidated if you are new to weightlifting, the American Long Horn Bar from Fringe Sport is created for everyone. Embrace the challenges, seize the moment, and unleash the beast within you in the weight room. Let's get lifting with unwavering American spirit!"

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