Bulk Kettlebells


Bulk Kettlebells

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By: OneFitWonder by FringeSport

Bulk Ordering Kettlebells Made Easy

Making a Bulk Kettlebell order is a great idea for cost effectively stocking or restocking a training facility.

Choose how much total weight you need, and then pick any quantity and size combination of our popular OneFitWonder Premium Kettlebells, which range from 4Kg-48Kg.

OneFitWonder Kettlebells are single cast, and designed to fit comfortably in any size hands. The textured finish insures a solid grip and improved durability against drops and other normal wear and tear. Whether you’re training in the gym, or in the elements, these Kettlebells are built to provide elite training anywhere.

  • Weight: Varies By Kettlebell
  • Handle Width: Varies By Kettlebell
  • Color: Coded By Size

Questions about how much weight you need and which Kettlebells you should fill out your order with? Please call to talk with one of our customer service experts.

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