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Fringe Sport 3x3 Pin Pipe Safeties


Fringe Sport 3x3 Pin Pipe Safeties

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You can never be too careful!

You've heard that all your life - and while it sometimes applies to an event that can be dangerous, usually folks say it about anything - walking across the street, petting a strange dog, drinking day old milk, or even trying a new barbecue joint!

Some people might not consider lifting to be "dangerous" but it can be suggested to have respect for the weights, right?  If you treat them wrong, they might have something to say about it (and what they have to say could hurt!).

So Fringe Sport is providing a great way to be safe when you happen to be lifting solo!

Fringe Spot 3x3 Pin Pipe Safeties

These boulder sturdy, tougher-than-Superman, foam covered pipes of steel reach between the uprights to catch anything dropped on them - accidentally or intentionally!

Sometimes called "Spotter Pipes" - no matter what you call them these pin pipe safeties will give you peace of mind while reaching for those personal records in your rack.

And tested to a whopping 1,000 pounds these safeties will handle anything headed their way!

These safeties has a 24.5mm pin diameter and are made to fit 1 inch holes on any 3x3 uprights - so you can use then on the Fringe Sport Osprey Commercial Power Rack - or practically any other cage on the market - they're universally great!

PLUS  - they're available in two lengths - one to fit a 30 inch depth cage and one for a 41 inch depth - these safeties will work on most any cage on the market. 

The silicone foam that surrounds the metal will protect your bar, whether you lay it down gently like a new puppy or it falls when you accidentally miss your j-cups - either way, the bar will be protected!

And that foam is sealed on those safeties so it won't be sliding around!  You'll know your bar will be protected!

Speaking of not sliding - we have to mention the locking pin on these babies - once those are in place on your rack, we think the Fringe Squatch could jump on the safeties without any movement at all.  PLEASE NOTE - a loose jumping Fringe Squatch is not recommended for testing, but if you do happen to see him hanging around, send a video!

Score yourself a pair of these super safe pin pipe safeties and make your cage the safest place since your momma's arms!


  • Items Included:  One pair of Fringe Sport 3x3 Pin Pipe Safeties
  • Weight Limit: A whopping 1,000 pounds!
  • Size:  Two lengths - 30-inch depth or 41-inch depth, depending on the size of your cage.
  • Pin Size: Fits 1 inch holes, with a 24.5 mm pin diameter size - made to fit practically any rack on the market.
  • Protective Wrapping:  Silicone foam covers the pin pipes; PLEASE NOTE:  This is a wear and tear item and is NOT covered under regular warranty.
  • Material Type:  Sturdy and solid black powder-coated steel!
  • Warranty:  Fringe's Fantastic One-Year Warranty ON THE METAL PIPES.  Foam covering is not included due to being a wear-and-tear item!

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