Fringe Sport 3x3 Power Spotters (7162999767087)
Fringe Sport 3x3 Power Spotters (7162999767087)
Fringe Sport 3x3 Power Spotters (7162999767087)
Fringe Sport 3x3 Power Spotters (7162999767087)
Fringe Sport 3x3 Power Spotters (7162999767087)
Fringe Sport 3x3 Power Spotters (7162999767087)
Fringe Sport 3x3 Power Spotters (7162999767087)
Fringe Sport 3x3 Power Spotters (7162999767087)
Fringe Sport 3x3 Power Spotters (7162999767087)

Fringe Sport 3x3 Spotter Arms

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There's Power In Safety!

You may have heard that quote from Safetyman, an obscure superhero always found on the fringe of other heroes, offering some not always welcome, but usually pretty solid advice to his cohorts to "be safe, fly carefully, don't text and fly, don't rile the bad guys" and so on. In fact, he was known as the "Mother Hen" of the superhero group to which he belonged.

For those of you who are superhero groupies, we can hear you flipping frantically through all your old comic books, looking for a mention of Safetyman anywhere! Well, you can stop - because no, he didn't really exist.

We made him up! (But we DO think he probably should have been included somewhere, don't you?!)

We had a good reason to make him up - we believe safety is important when you're lifting, whether you're with a group of friends who can spot you, or you're lifting alone and need some "metal" spotting help.

Because we love our Fringe Fam, Fringe Sport always wants to be on the forefront of safety and be the little whisper in your ear to "always be safe while lifting!"

Fringe Spot 3x3 Power Spotters

These between the uprights, more solid than a hockey puck, spotter arms lock into place to give you backup safety when you're lifting solo!

We call them "power spotters" - you call them "spotter arms" - but what we can BOTH call them is "enough safety to make you feel almost invincible while squatting a record amount of weight!"

And tested to a whopping 1,000 pounds these power spotters will handle anything headed their way!

Our power spotters are considered a universal accessory. That means if your cage - and we mean ANY cage - has an opening for a 24.5mm pin diameter and 1 inch holes on any 3x3 uprights - then these power spotters will fit - and it means they'll work on practically any other cage on the market - they're universally great!

PLUS  - they're available in two lengths - one to fit a 30 inch depth cage and one for a 41 inch depth - these safeties will work on most any cage on the market. 

We've also taken the step to line the top of the spotters with UMHW to protect your barbell, if indeed your have to use these sturdy hunks of steel. AND - we've gone the EXTRA STEP of putting that UMHW on the side of the spotters which fit against the uprights so it would scrape the finish! Are we great or what?!

Speaking of not sliding - we have to mention the locking pin on these babies -when you put the power spotters between your uprights and lock it down, it's possible not even an angry grizzly bear could get it off! PLEASE NOTE - we have not tested this by making a bear angry, but these are so tough, it could happen!

Score yourself a pair of these super safe power spotter arms and make your cage the safest place since you hid under the bed from your teasing older sibling!

Items Included

One pair of Fringe Sport 3x3 Power Spotters

Weight Limit

A whopping 1,000 pounds!


Two lengths - 30 inch depth or 41 inch depth,depending on the size of your cage.

Material Type

Sturdy and solid 11 gauge black powder coated square tube steel!


30 depth -37"x3"x7". 41 depth - 48"x3"x7".

Spotter Sides

Have 1 inch number holes on the sides!

Pin Size

Fits 1 inch holes, with a 24.5 mm pin diameter size - made to fit practically any rack on the market.

UMHW Protection

on top of the power spotters to protect the bar and against the uprights too - protects against scuffs and scratches!


Fringe's Fantastic One Year Warranty.

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Required By California Law - WARNING: This product may have materials, which are known to the State Of California, that can cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, California Prop 65:

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