Change Plates - KGs (6862579138607)
Change Plates - KGs (6862579138607)
Change Plates - KGs (6862579138607)
Change Plates - KGs (6862579138607)
Change Plates - KGs (6862579138607)
Change Plates - KGs (6862579138607)
Change Plates - KGs (6862579138607)
Change Plates - KGs (6862579138607)
Change Plates - KGs (6862579138607)

Change Plates - KGs

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Change Plates To Change Your Lifting

When you lift, it's personal. Even if you're lifting with your wife, your kids or your bros - it's all about you and what you can do .

You push yourself to move forward - another kilo or half a kilo or even just a quarter of a kilo - any little bit to be better than yesterday.

At that point, you know what you want to do but you aren't sure what to do to get those small little pieces of "better than yesterday."¬I mean - what do you do? Add duct tape to the bar? Your cat? A mouse? Some socks?

What do you do??

At Fringe, we have the answer for you - just like we always do!

CHANGE PLATES - hose incremental little plates that help you add a few kilos - or less than kilos - here or there and make that new personal record yours.

Fringe Sport change plates are tough as nails cast iron coated in rubber for the longest lasting plates in the business.

These plates are COATED so no matter how many times you move them on and off the bar - they won't damage the shine and finish of that sword of gainz!

These sweet little nuggets of color coated iron will also help you with Olympic lifts, warming up, arm and shoulder prehab/rehab - and MORE.

In other words - you can't afford to NOT have these plates in your arsenal!

We do want to let you know our 0.5kg and 5kg plates are our "ooopsies." What does that mean?

Well, it means they were our partying hard before arriving at our warehouse, and they showed up in a slick and oily state. We tried to clean them up before sending to you but we just couldn't make it happen.

So we wanted to offer them to you anyway, in their partied out state, but we've adjusted the price to reflect the problem!

ALSO (and this just shows you how hard these plates party!) - the 05kg and the 1.0kg were playing hide and seek on Plate Picture Day - so they are not showing in the pictures below. Once we round them all up, we'll get their pictures put in the line!

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1 pair (2 plates) of tough cast iron plates coated in rubber


0.5kg, 1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg, 2.5kg, and 5kg Per Plate

Weight Tolerance

+/- 1% of declared weight

Inner Diameter

2 inches

Full Diameter

0.5kg - 5.25"; 1.0kg - 6.25"; 1.5kg - 6.8"; 2.0kg - 7.5"; 2.5kg - 8.25"; 5.0kg - 9".


0.5kg - 0.55"; 1.0kg - 0.6"; 1.5kg - 0.7"; 2.0kg - 0.73"; 2.5kg - 0.73"; 5.0kg - 1.05".


Cast Iron coated in virgin rubber.


1 Year

Product ID


Required By California Law - WARNING: This product may have materials, which are known to the State Of California, that can cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, California Prop 65:

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