Sandbag Trainer System


Sandbag Trainer System

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The Only Time It's Ok to Sandbag It

Picture a movie- a spaghetti Western.

A hard-working farmer or a moxie-filled 49er always goes to town in their flatbed wagon to pick up supplies at the general store.

Inevitably, they always buy some bulging, burlap, grain sacks.

They have to haul them, one by one, up onto their shoulder, walk out the general store, down the steps, out into the mud, toss them onto their wagon and return for the next one.

They do yeoman's work, a half a dozen times or more.

Real tobacco spit and coffin nails stuff.

Now imagine that man is you.

Putting Laziness 6 Feet Under

You'll hammer those coffin nails right into laziness and sloth with our sandbag trainer designed to focus on the intersection of durability and versatile shape.

You might be literally sandbagging it with our trainer, but no one, NO ONE will ever be doubting your discipline or questioning your effort.

This sandbag trainer will put you under intense heat and high pressure and hammer you down.

While your body gets molded and shaped into a fine diamond, your mind endures relentless tests.

Sandbag training should be reserved for those with true grit only, as your mind will give out before your body does.

Here's why our simple, yet devilishly versatile and painful sandbag trainer plows you, making you forget all your general store trips while you hit gold.

  • Made of heavy-duty, military-grade Cordura to outlast all your training battles
  • Military-grade YKK zipper protected by Velcro closure prevents failure and guarantees performance by shedding sand
  • Double-stitching and box-stitching at stress points absorbs more beatings than an MMA fighter
  • Lashing reinforces entire bag allowing for hefty loads
  • Have it your way using it with just the shell or add fillers for a modular solution

Package Contents and Specifications

Small Trainer

  • Dimensions: 25" long x 8" wide
  • Weight: 2 lb
  • Small trainer comfortably fits up to 60 lb of weight.
  • Small Bag comes with two top handles (7.5") and two side handles (4").
  • Material: Cordura and Velcro
  • Origin: China
  • Warranty: 1 full year satisfaction guarantee, with FREE returns

Large Trainer

  • Dimensions: 30" long x 10" wide
  • Weight: 2 lb
  • Large trainer comfortably fits up to 100 lb of weight.
  • Large Bag comes with two top handles (8") and two side handles (4.5").
  • Material: Cordura and Velcro
  • Origin: China
  • Warranty: 1 full year satisfaction guarantee, with FREE returns

Filler Bags

  • Dimensions: 10lb - 5.5" x 28.5", 20lb - 8 1/4" x 23", 35lb - 12" x 21", 40lb - 11 3/4" x 27 3/8"
  • Material: Cordura and Velcro
  • Origin: China
  • Warranty: 1 full year satisfaction guarantee, with FREE returns

Sandbag Trainer Weight Options:

  • Trainer + 30 lb of Fillers: Small trainer with (1) 10 lb filler and (1) 20 lb filler.
  • Trainer + 40 lb of Fillers: Small trainer with (2) 10 lb fillers and (1) 20 lb filler.
  • Trainer + 50 lb of Fillers: Small trainer with (1) 10 lb fillers and (2) 20 lb filler
  • Trainer + 60 lb of Fillers: Large trainer with (2) 10 lb fillers and (2) 20 lb fillers
  • Trainer + 80 lb of Fillers: Large trainer with (2) 10 lb filler, (1) 20 lb filler, and (1) 40 lb fillers
  • Trainer + 100 lb of Fillers: Large trainer with (1) 20 lb filler and (2) 40 lb fillers

**Note that this is a sandbag system- it is shipped unfilled, but sand or rubber mulch is readily available at your local home improvement store. Sand sells for about $4 for 50 pounds. For more filler options and the ideal one for you, please read here.

How to Best Use Your Sandbag Trainer

The sandbag trainer is the Swiss Army knife of functional fitness. That is to say, the sandbag trainer functions as a vital tool of the garage gym movement.

Our sandbag trainers up your training game as an inexpensive, easy to store, potent conditioning tool. The durability, shape, hand grips and its versatility make it indispensable. The oblong shape provides its versatility making it great for a wide variety of exercises:

  • Sandbag Get Up (+ burpees if you're in a masochistic mood)
  • Clean to Shoulder (by handle or center) or Ground to Shoulder
  • Hang Cleans to Shoulder
  • Overhead Pressing
  • Step Ups like here
  • Burden Carry
  • Front Squat
  • Back Squat
  • Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Slams

For most workouts / WODS the Rx is 50lbs for females and 70lbs for males, but you load it up with as much weight as you want.

Fill'er Up

You won't enjoy your beer to the max unless it's poured right. The same applies to sandbag trainers. It's all in the fill.

You'll get the most out of your sandbag trainer by filling it directly, without filler bags.

If you choose to go without filler bags, the best advice is to NOT fill your sandbag trainer 100% full. Yeah that's right.

Do NOT fill it up to the brim.

When not using filler bags, fill the trainer to about 85-90% full.

By leaving some room to play with, the trainer responds better, and gives a little but not a ton.

Have you ever picked up a totally full sandbag?

They're like a bag of concrete; hard, inflexible and unforgiving.

Leaving some breathing room in the sandbag trainer allows it to shape, shift, and move with you.

The primary reason to choose to go with fillers bags is if you want to quickly swap out the weight of your trainer with ease if you're training with a partner for example. While the sandbag trainer will feel great full with the filler bags, once you remove one and create extra space, it won't be as pleasant of a training experience as using the sandbag trainer without filler bags. Regardless of the extra space, you'll still have the same training stimulus, however.

Finally, how you fill it, is just as important as what you fill it with. Some people prefer IPAs, some people like stouts, some people like sours. You'll find the same broad selection of filler materials at your disposal. A mix of sand and mulch works well. You have a slew of options, depending on your training goals. Keep in mind different materials have different densities. For more about the best materials to fill your sandbag trainer with please read more here.

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