Multiple Sided Plyometric Boxes


Multiple Sided Plyometric Boxes

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By: Fringe Sport

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Assemble Your Multi-Sided Plyometric Boxes

Assemble Your Plyometric Boxes. These OneFitWonder multi-sided plyo boxes were designed in Austin. They come in 3 sizes - 16x18x20" (Mini), 16x20x24" (Small) and 20x24x30" (Large). All three sizes are specifically designed and manufactured to ship flat and be assembled with ease.

We tested and examined the boxes on the market and came to a simple conclusion - it is what is on the inside that counts. With the easy assembly with the flat pack, it makes putting together a breeze.

First, every joint on this box is both screwed to ensure the absolute strongest hold. Second, the 30" faces each sit on a ledge for added strength. Finally, there is an additional brace of the same high quality Birch plywood on the inside that hits each of the 4 largest faces for added support. If you want one box for several heights that will last for many years of abuse, you better be sure it's by Fringe Sport.

If you would like the product shipped built, please select the built option in the drop down.

Why choose OneFitWonder multi-sided plyo boxes?

  • Additional Reinforcement - Extra bracing on every face to make them completely bombproof.
  • 3/4" Birch Plywood - This wood is strong enough to handle any size person that can get onto it.
  • Routered Corners - Small detail, but you will love it when you "miss" in the middle of an intense workout.
  • Multiple Heights- With each side a different length, you get 3 heights for the price of 2 traditional boxes.
  • Shipped as flat pack- you save on pricing and shipping and assemble the box when it arrives to your house.

Package Contents and Specifications

  • Contents: 1 - Large, Small, or Mini Multi-Sided Plyo Box
  • Weight: 26lbs (Mini), 30 lbs. (Small) or 40lbs. (Large)
  • Material: 3/4" Birch Plywood
  • Dimensions: 16x18x20" (Mini), 16x20x24" (Small) or 20x24x30" (Large)

How To Build a Flat Pack

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