20kg Axle "Fat" Bar - Pre-Order: 3/15 Expected Ship Date


20kg Axle "Fat" Bar - Pre-Order: 3/15 Expected Ship Date

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By: Fringe Sport

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Pre-Order Your 20kg Axle "Fat" Bar

Meet "El Gordazo", Our 20kg Axle "Fat" Bar

"El Gordazo" is the patriarch of our ultra garage gear, axle bar family, "The Gordos." All that time at the taqueria has paid off and turned him into if not lean, beefy, mean, lifting machine.

The rock solid "El Gordazo" will make your strongman dreams a reality. This burly, belly full of a bar (think continental cleans) works your forearms and comes in handy for strongman training and competitions..

  • This axle is a true 44LB! Most fat bars on the market "cheat" and are only 20-25 pounds. Not the Fringe Sport Axle Bar!
  • This axle (or fat bar) is a full 7' long and 2" in diameter- it will take your deadlifts, presses, and cleans into a whole new level of suffering.
  • Standard collars fit on this fatbar.
  • Full year satisfaction guarantee, with FREE returns
  • Powdercoat matte black finish
  • Weight Rating: 1,000 lbs

There are a few things to note for the Axle Barbell.

  • This is a true strongman axle / fat bar - there is no knurling on the bar.
  • The 2" diameter includes the shaft of the bar, explaining the "fat bar" nickname.
  • This is one, solid bar. The collars do not rotate.

Package Contents and Specifications

  • Quantity: 1 - 20kg Axle "Fat Bar" Barbell by Fringe Sport
  • Weight: 20 kilograms / ~44 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7 feet long and 2 inch diameter throughout entire bar.
  • Loadable Length: 15.5 inches.
  • Bar Shaft: 50mm
  • Sleeve: 49mm
  • Material: Steel
  • Warranty: 1 year satisfaction guarantee, with FREE returns
  • Collars not included, but you can add them on with your purchase.

What is a "Fat Bar"?

Axle bars or "fat bars" have long been used in strongman competitions. There are two unique aspects to fatbar training:

  • The grip area on the bar is way thicker (about 2") than an Olympic barbell - this makes most exercises into forearm blasters, and makes everything harder.
  • The collars do not rotate- so going ground-to-shoulder or ground-to-overhead is much harder than with an Oly barbell. For heavy weights, you may even need to use the dreaded "continental clean" instead of a standard clean to get the weight to shoulder.

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