Axle Bar 20kg


Axle Bar 20kg

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By: OneFitWonder

"Fat Bar" Axle Bar for Grip Strength and Strongman Training

The OneFitWonder Axle Bar is a heavy duty, powder-coated  "fat bar" axle bar that ships with strongman. And this axle is a true 44LB! Most fatbars on the market "cheat" and are only 20-25 pounds. Not the OneFitWonder Axle Bar! This axle (or fat bar) is a full 7' long and 2" in diameter- it will take your deadlifts, presses, and cleans into a whole new level of suffering.

  • Full year satisfaction guarantee, with FREE returns
  • 20 kilograms / 44 pounds, 7' long, 2" diameter
  • Note: standard collars will not fit on this fatbar- but Lockjaw collars will.
  • Powdercoat matte black finish
  • Weight Rating: 1,000 lbs
  • Note that this is a true strongman axle / fatbar - there is no knurling on the bar, and the collars do not rotate!

What is a "Fat Bar"?

Axle bars or "fat bars" have long been used in strongman competitions. There are two unique aspects to fatbar training:

  • The grip area on the bar is way thicker (about 2") than a standard barbell- this makes most exercises into forearm blasters, and makes everything harder
  • The collars do not rotate- so going ground-to-shoulder or ground-to-overhead is much harder than with a standard barbell. For heavy weights, you may even need to use the dreaded "continental clean" instead of a standard clean to get the weight to shoulder.

Package Contents and Specifications

1 - Axle Barbell
  • Weight: 20KG/44LB for Barbell
  • Material: Steel
  • Origin: China
  • Collars not included.

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