Commercial GHD by OneFitWonder


Commercial GHD by OneFitWonder

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By: OneFitWonder by FringeSport

What You Need To Know About the Commercial GHD

 When designing the commercial GHD we knew we had to do two things: Incorporate a rock solid base support to ensure stability during sit-ups and raises, while keeping the dimensions and actual size of the machine compact enough to allow a small footprint and thus more physical space to workout in the gym.

We hit the nail on the head with both.

Heavy enough and built with a support system that provides a sturdy platform to work above, whether you are repping out sit-ups for speed, or performing raises with added weight, our Commercial GHD will stay planted firmly on the ground and keep you charging through your WOD.

Though our machine is smaller in stature than some - we made sure to get rid of all the unnecessary extras to save you on space, while incorporating key components that others leave out.

One such component is the horizontal knee pad that sits below the hip pads, and provides the base you need when performing Glute Ham Raises, the original exercise the machine was intended for.

We also included a simple single bolt action adjustment feature, to quickly and easily allow any athlete to modify the distance between the hip and foot pads to fit their size.

Compact, sturdy, and with a foolproof design, the Commercial GHD is the ideal glute and hamstring developer for both the garage gymer and large scale gym use alike.

What to Expect from the Commercial GHD by OneFitWonder

Package Contents and Specifications

1 - Commercial GHD by OneFitWonder

  • Length: 62.5"
  • Width: 29.5"
  • Height: 44" (from the ground to the highest point of the foot pads)
  • Material: Steel
  • Origin: China
  • 5 year commercial warranty on steel; 90 days on padding

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