V2 Econ Prowler Sled (131439955)
V2 Econ Prowler Sled (131439955)
V2 Econ Prowler Sled (131439955)
V2 Econ Prowler Sled (131439955)
V2 Econ Prowler Sled (131439955)
V2 Econ Prowler Sled (131439955)
V2 Econ Prowler Sled (131439955)

V2 Econ Prowler Sled

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Key Features

  • 450 lb capacity
  • Matte black powder coat finish
  • Mounting bracket for use with a harness or pull strap (sold separately)
  • Removable handles for storage (back and front handles easily remove)
  • Replaceable feet and UMHW for extended use and enhanced performance


Whether you want to be a wolf or an Iditarod sled dog, the Prowler design enables you to get your sled push (or pull) on with great features and maximum value. Made of lighter grade steel than heavy-duty push sleds, the Prowler packs and ships with ease, but it's still tough enough to take a beating. Here's why you'll be the hunter and not the hunted with our Prowler.


When you're hungry and after those big gains, you need to pounce fast. That's why we've designed our Prowler to be SUPER assembly-friendly. You'll be ready to spring into action in less than 5 minutes after simply inserting the 2 rear bolts, the hitch pin in the front, installing the replaceable skids and dropping the 2 rear handles into their slots. You only need 2 17mm wrenches or ratchets and you will be on your way to greatness.

More often than not, a slim profile makes for a successful hunt. That's why we designed our Prowler with easy to remove rear handles. Once you take them out, the slender Prowler profile leans up and out of the way, against a cluttered garage wall with ease. The small footprint also means that the Prowler also fits neatly into most car trunks, if you need to take your training mobile - pulling in the park, trekking on the trail or pushing in the parking lot are all possible in a snap.

The short, dedicated weight posts add a valuable feature. The shorter posts allow for easier bumper/weight plate removal, while also allowing for more even weight distribution across the sled, leading to better performance. And who doesn't want better performance when living out the prowler sled dream?

The semi-gloss, powder coat finish makes for a solid grip while pushing, even with sweaty hands. Additionally, the Prowler offers versatility with an anchor point attachment for a harness to do pulling movements. The same anchor can also easily be used for hand-over-hand rowing and pulling exercises, common in strongman training. This keeps your possibilities for gainz endless!

The smart design of the Prowler makes it equally deadly on multiple surfaces (turf, concrete, asphalt and grass) so you'll never be at a disadvantage wherever you're chasing your next achievement. When a micro-advantage means the difference between life and death in nature, you know you'll always feed your goals with the Prowler.


We've upped the ante with high-grade steel construction, making this sled feel as robust as your post-workout pride.

Those metal skis? Yeah, they're not just for show – they add the kind of resistance that turns your push and pull into a real challenge. Say goodbye to easy street, because this sled means business.

Size matters, right? Well, get ready for a sled that's bigger, badder, and more equipped than ever. Load it up with weight, attach cables and ropes – this sled is your ticket to a workout that's limited only by your imagination.

Speaking of variety, Econ Push Sled V2 has you covered. With high and low handle options, plus multiple pins for plate loading, you've got the freedom to tailor your routine to fit your fitness goals.


If you're new to the fitness world, get excited. The Blue Falcon Push Sled is your gateway to effective strength and conditioning exercises, without draining your bank account. It's like having a personal trainer that doesn't break the bank.

For the garage gym aficionados who know their stuff, we're handing you a versatile tool that matches your expertise. Get creative with your workouts using the high and low handles, and load it up with those plates – this sled can handle it.

Attention, CrossFit champs. Your classes deserve equipment that can keep up with your intensity. The prowler-style push sled is your secret weapon, delivering performance and durability without the hefty price tag.


Please note that this is an Econ push sled. For use in a box, commercial gym, or if you're a heavy hitter, we suggest checking out our Commercial Push Sled or Chariot Sled.


Pushing a sled is one of the most deceptively difficult exercises there is- and this econ sled means that you can add sled work to your WODs without breaking the bank. Sleds of this type are commonly called "prowler sleds."


1 - Econ "Prowler" Push Sled


47 Pounds




Length of the center bar - 38" x Width of the removable push posts - 28" x Height of the push posts - 38.5"


1 Year

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Required By California Law - WARNING: This product may have materials, which are known to the State Of California, that can cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, California Prop 65: https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

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