Floor Mount Gym Rig 3"x3"


Floor Mount Gym Rig 3"x3"

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By: OneFitWonder by FringeSport

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The Floor Mount Gym Rig Your Box Wants

A solid pull up and squat rig is the centerpiece for almost any box, and the Gym Box Rig by Fringe Sport will anchor your gym. This rig features 11-gauge steel with a 3"x 3" cross section for the ultimate sturdiness. In addition, the rig comes standard with  UHMW lined J-Cups for each 4ft section.

  • Full year satisfaction guarantee, with FREE returns
  • 9' Uprights - 3" x 3", 11-gauge steel
  • 5/8" hardware
  • Alternating 4'/6'/4' sections (2 squat positions per 4ft section)
  • A pair of J-Cups are included for each 4ft section.
  • Floor mount.
  • All hardware to build included - hardware to bolt into your floor not included.
  • Offered online in lengths up to 30'- call us if you need a longer

Package Contents and Specifications

1 OneFitWonder Foundation Rig 3x3 - Floor Mount

  • Weight: 400+ pounds
  • Dimensions: 9ft height, 6ft deep, and 4ft - 30ft wide depending on the length you choose.
  • Material: Steel
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Start Designing & Customizing

The standard floor mount is 14 ft long. This rig will consist of two 4 ft sections on either side, and a 6 ft section in the middle (4/6/4). We suggest a 6 ft middle section to ensure if you plan on having two squatters on the 4 ft sections, these bars have enough room and you don't run into overcrowding. You have the option to add as many sections you would like, and events are to be customized to fit exactly what suits you.

Our rigs come standard with 9 ft uprights, but remember you can always customize/upgrade your rig to what best fits your boxes needs. Each upright has four holes in the base, for the easier installation to bolt directly into the ground.

About The Uprights

9ft Uprights - These are the standard upright in the industry, and most common you will see on rigs in a large number of boxes. With the 9ft uprights you are going to be able to get the most benefit from your rig. They will easily fit in low ceiling warehouses, and almost all commercial locations. With these your clients will have the ability to do pull-ups, bar muscle-ups, wall balls to standard height, ability to squat off of and much more. You can't go wrong with a 9ft upright, and they are easier on the budget!

12ft Uprights - These are great for ring muscle ups, giving your client the ability to really work on their gymnastics. They would be considered low for rope climbs, but perfect height for your beginner athlete nervous to climb ropes. With the ease of this upgrade, you then have the ability to add angled monkey bars across the top. Although they will be an upgraded charge, the possibilities with the added height are endless.

15ft Uprights - These uprights will rarely be seen in boxes, but are available if needed for your box. This upright is beneficial if your clientele will be working on the gymnastic rings, and can be used for RX rope climbs. These will be an upgraded charge, but we can discuss the possibilities of other ways to hang your climbing rope if that is the specific goal for your 15ft upright.

The crossbar at the top is traditionally used as a pull up bar, but you can also substitute a dual crossbar or "Superman" bar or even monkey bars depending on your demographic...​the possibilities are endless. Call us and we can customize the perfect rig for you!

Want to make sure your rig stands out, we can powder coat all of our uprights to the color of your choice at an additional charge.  

Things to Consider Before You Decide

1. What kind of space do you have?
Space is a vital key to making sure your box can run efficiently and stay clean. If you have an ample amount of space, and you can anchor your rig to the center of your box, the floor mount is an ideal rig for you. Mounting your rig in the middle of your box, gives you the ability to utilize all sides of the rig, doubling the ability to get your clients comfortably on the rig. We highly suggest with this rig that you have 6ft between your client and the wall, to ensure they feel comfortable while lifting, kipping, and cleaning. 

2. What kind of budget do you have? 
When starting a box it is easy to go over budget, at Fringe though we want to make sure you stay within budget and get everything you dreamed of. Our floor mount rig will be on the more expensive end, but is highly recommend if you have the extra cash to spend.

3. Who will do the installation?
Installation on rigs can be intimidating, but with the right contractor it can easily be done. We highly suggest contacting multiple general contractors and ensuring that you feel comfortable with them installing the rig. Remember measure twice, drill once is the key to making your rig building process a success.

Are you in the state of Texas? Call our customer service team and  we will be happy to set up your rig for you with additional installation charge. It may cost extra but our top notch team in committed to providing the ultimate experience for our customers.

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