OSO Mini Bar Barbell


OSO Mini Bar Barbell

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Lift happy with the OSO Mini Bar Barbell

Kids are like sponges, they soak up their environment and learn everything through observation and imitation. When they see mom and dad lifting it is only natural that they want to join in too. If you have kids intrigued about barbell movement, give them this OSO Mini Bar Barbell, its way cooler than a plain old PVC pipe! The diameter of the bar it perfect for tiny kid hands so they can easily start practicing their hook grip! This bar is great to teach proper mechanics and consistency to ensure proper movement throughout childhood, adolescence, and life!

  • This bar weighs only 5 lbs making it a great beginner’s bar.
  • Has a 7/8" (22.2mm) diameter bar with knurling, for smaller hands.
  • Sleeves fit Pro, Elite, and Mighty collars.
  • One year warranty

Keep in mind that it is recommended kids do mostly unweighted (50lbs and below) movements until they learn proper mechanics, unless their program is specifically concentrated in weightlifting, so this bar should not exceed 50lbs during workouts. When the time comes, move up to any of our other barbells.

How Kids Can Benefit From an OSO Mini Bar Barbell?

  • Help with strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, and agility.
  • Good starting point for any sport or activity.
  • Physical activity can help boost brain power.
  • Help prevent childhood obesity.
  • Teach kids to incorporate health and fitness as an integral part of life.

Package Contents and Specifications

1 OSO Mini Bar Barbell

  • Made in the USA
  • Weighs only 5 lbs.
  • 48" overall length
  • 39.5" inside the sleeves
  • 7/8" (22.2mm) diameter bar with knurling
  • Sleeves fit Pro, Elite and Mighty collars
  • Made from 6061 T6 billet aluminum
  • Type II color anodized
  • 50 lbs. added weight maximum

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