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Raptor AirBike

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If the dinosaurs had this bike, they wouldn't have gone extinct.

We’ve over-designed and over-built the Fringe Sport Raptor for extreme durability & lifespan. The Raptor offers fitness crushing performance anyone, from your grandma to a CrossFit Games athlete, can appreciate.

What Makes The Raptor The Baddest Bike on the Planet?


  • Belt driven. You'll never have to take this in for an oil change or full service - the belt drive (no chain) will give a lifetime of maintainance-free performance - no fossil fuels necessary. More time for you to get your gains!
  • Full-steel welded fan. A fan fit for a bike that's got 20lbs on the competition, so you can go full-raptor mode workout after workout.
  • No extinction in sight. Weighing in at a whopping 130lbs, The Raptor is no average air bike. The extra steel goes to the fan and base of the bike, so you can expect this Raptor to survive an asteroid impact.


  • Raptor? More like T-Rex. We packed this air bike with 20 extra pounds of steel to reinforce the base and fan of the bike, so you can ride smooth and steady no matter your speed.
  • Warranty as long as the Mesozoic Era. Okay, not really, but the Raptor is backed by the best in class warranty - 3 years, plus a day here or there!
  • Tackle any terrain. The thick, oversized tires on The Raptor are designed to move easily, even over the toughest terrain, so you can choose your backdrop for your workouts. Uneven concrete, gravel, dirt, and even soft grass are no match for this air bike.


  • Ready, set, attack your workout. The LCD console is as fast and as accurate as an actual Raptor, so as soon as you start moving, you're on the clock.
  • Training made simple. WODing, HIIT, tabata, recovery, sprints, long duration, you name it. You, your grandma, a CrossFit Games athlete, a short or super tall person, injured or uninjured can hop on the Raptor and get an ass-kicker of a workout.
  • Set your sights. LCD console makes it easy to track goal time, distance, calories, watts, and RPM
  • Take control of your output. Bluetooth capabilities compatible with most heart rate tracking devices


For years, there has been a debate about why the dinosaurs became extinct.

Was it climate change? Did a meteor hit the earth and destroy all of the species? Was there a disease that wiped them out? Did they get tired of having to chase down their food instead of going through a drive through?

While it could have been any of these reasons, here at Fringe, we think we’ve found the reason.

Air Bikes.

No, you don’t need to clean your ears out.

Yes, you heard us right - air bikes.

I’m sure you’re all sitting out there thinking “That’s it - the team at Fringe has lifted too many heavy bars and they’ve gone around the weight bench.”

But think about it - what if there had been air bikes while dinosaurs were alive? There would have been some swole stegosauruses and the megalosaurus would have been Mr. Universe. T-rex would have been the Toned Rex (well - maybe - those short arms and all!). And think of all the ripped raptors. So in the interest of keeping you from going extinct - we bring to you the gear that could have delivered the dinosaurs a new level of fitness - The Fringe Sport Raptor.

The Raptor is a fantabulous new air bike the Fringe minds came together and developed - because we heard you and knew you wanted this!This bike has everything you want - welded all-steel fan with wind guard, belt drive for low maintenance, all terrain tires and even a Bluetooth capable monitor.

What more can you ask for?

We can tell you this - this bike will make you sweat, make you groan, make you work your ass off. But when you fall off that bike, and lay heaving on the floor, trying to catch your breath, it'll be the best kind of exhausted. Not only will it help you get those gainz - you'll get a cardio workout not to be believed, move your weight loss to the next level and push YOURSELF to new heights on your strength journey!

This bike is everything you need, lots of what you want - and much of what you didn't even know you wanted in your gym - so check the specs below!

And don’t be like the dinosaurs - if they’d have had this bike, they probably wouldn’t have gone extinct!

"If I ever say I hate the bike, I only say I hate the bike because
it makes me work hard. I love my bike"

-- Mary A.



  • 10 adjustable seat height positions. Whether you're Frodo's cousin or you more resemble Hagrid, this bike will be comfortable to ride to the moon & back. 
  • Forward and backward seat adjustment to fit the bike to your wingspan, from Tweety Bird to Michael Jordan.
  • Super Stability in a heavy duty 130 pound bike that won’t wobble or walk while you workout. 
  • Full steel welded fan that will last through your workouts, your kids’ workouts and even your grandkids!
  • Quiet While Riding - so you can listen to your favorite podcast, binge watch “Lord Of The Rings” or call your BFF to gab.
  • Smooth as Silk ride - instead of feeling like you’re swimming in oatmeal, this bike will feel like you are sliding on a wet Slip “n” Slide on a hot summer day!
  • Amazingly Large Monitor - not only is this baby easy to use out of the box, the buttons are simple enough for a hobbit to understand and big enough to see from space….. sorta.   Also - Bluetooth capabilities that work with almost all of the trackers out there!
  • Removable Wind Guard is standard  - feel the breeze or don't, depending on your mood.
  • Water bottle holder is standardHydrate yourself with cold water, hot coffee or your favorite brew.
  • "No Sore Cheeks" Seat to make your ride the easiest and best it can be with no creaks and cracks in the bones when you climb off the bike!
  • All-terrain tires beefy enough to handle any type of turf - sand, gravel, concrete, grass, mats - you can even try it on water, but we’re not sure yet how many water wings you might need!
  • Metal Pedals are standard and might well outlast even the cockroach because they’re so tough. 
  • Metal handle at the bike of the bike is standard for easy mobility.  Anyone can lift the bike up like a beast and roll it around - you could even make that a whole new workout in your routine!
  • No fuss, no muss belt drive - this bad boy not only helps muffle the sound but it will also last as long as a Twinkie - and you never have to worry about taking it in for a once over tune up!
  • Best in Class warranty of 3 years and a day here or there!  And don't forget the world class customer service only Fringe has!



How To Assemble Your Raptor

PDF Instructions/Manual 

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A Fringe Sport Customer
Mary M.
United States United States

Raptor love

Holy cow this bike is amazing. I could tell by the box itself that it was substantial. UPS must have had issues handling the box because it looked like they pushed it from Austin to my house in the Carolinas....but inside....what a machine! As banged up as the box was, there were only 2 small scuffs ... so very cosmetic ... and the rest of the bike was perfect. Kudos to you guys, Fringe, for packing the bike up like a champ. It took us about an hour to put together, but that was mainly because we were working in a small space and had to keep moving it. Everything was well marked and between the directions sent and the video here, it was SUPER smooth putting it together. My coach subbed in 20 cal bike sprints the day after we got it put together and it was awesome! Easy to ride, the monitor is so clear, and it definitely provides a fantastic workout. The only thing I'm still wrangling with is getting the seat "set" so it doesn't move during my rides. I just have to go back and read the instructions again. I can't say enough how much I love this bike! Thank you Fringe for building a super-durable air bike! Raptor Rocks!!

Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike Review
John D.
United States United States


The bike is so sturdy and the drive belts are perfect!

Nicholas S.

Great Bike - So Glad I Purchased!

I was able to jump on the bike today for a workout and overall, the bike functions exactly as expected. Assembles real well and the movements are very smooth at the moment. The bigger tires make it very easy to transport and the multiple points of seat adjustment make the bike very easy to get comfortable. I am very pleased with this purchase and look forward to breaking it in further.

Rob R.
United States United States

I Love The Bike!

I love this bike. Assembly was easy, once I figured it out and it's hefty without feeling cumbersome. I feel like it's easier to move around than the Rogue bikes and I like how intuitive the computer is.

Jason M.
United States United States

Solid and Functional

This air bike is built solid and very functional without taking up a large footprint!