Fitness Swords - Katana, Omens, Power


Fitness Swords - Katana, Omens, Power

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For years, people have been asking us, begging us to make fitness maces.

And for years, we've had a hard time imagining why we should make mace bells.

It's not that we don't like them- they're great for shoulder workouts, for flow, and for more.


What could we bring to the table? How could we make something... special?

Then one day we were watching Conan the Barbarian. The Arnold version- NOT the Jason Momoa version.

And it hit us.



Peter playing with a Mace Sword

From there, it all fell into place.

Let's make one thing clear- these swords are NOT weighted like fitness maces.

Fitness maces have a heavy iron ball attached to a pipe- so the weight is heavily weighted towards that iron ball.

These swords have the weight more evenly distributed. You can still do flows, but they are a fundamentally different fitness implement from a mace.

Something new.

And a word on safety. These swords are blunted- they have no sharp edges.

But you could still put a world of hurt on someone if you wallop them with one of these.

So be careful. Don't swing the sword where you can hit someone else.

But have fun out there.

And send us some pics.


  • Length of the blade(Omens): 31.5in.
  • Length of the blade(Mace): 20 1/4in.
  • Length of the blade(Katana): 31.5in

CAUTION: These are not designed for hitting or slicing of any kind; DO NOT HIT anything or anyone with these Swords. They are designed for strength training ONLY.

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