Muscle Roller Stick by Fringe Sport (189374797)
Plastic beads to roll muscles like quads, calves, and more. (189374797)
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Muscle Roller Stick

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If you've ever made pizza dough from scratch and taken a dough ball out of the fridge, you know how stiff that dough can be and how much you have to knead it. Regular weightlifting and workouts will turn your muscles into cold dough balls that could use rolling out.

Our muscle roller stick works swell for massage therapy, helping with recovery and to avoid injury. Whether you use it before to warm up or after to boost recovery, our roller stick will knead out the lactic acid buildup in your muscles, not to mention ease tension and discomfort, reduce soreness and improve circulation.

The ergonomic handles ensure your comfort while giving yourself a deep tissue massage. You'll be enjoying soothing recovery sessions perfect for athletes, in addition to yoga, pilates, physical therapy and other workouts.

Designed to be lightweight and compact, our muscle roller stick stores with ease in small spaces like a gym bag, or backpack/suitcase while on the road. You'll be toting it around everywhere once you feel the instant relief you get from tightness, cramping and soreness.


Give your quads, hammies, and sore muscles the love and attention they deserve. Our muscle rolling stick works great for times when foam rolling proves inconvenient or impossible.

  • Rolls knots out of muscles, providing myofascial release and trigger point therapy.
  • Inactivates trigger points (muscle knots or kinks), warms muscles, increase circulation and encourages nutrient-rich blood flow.
  • Relieves pain, increases range of motion, promotes flexibility and accelerates recovery.


1 - Muscle Roller Stick by Fringe Sport


9 ounces


Plastic Beads with Hard Rubber Handles


Black, Green, and Orange


18.5 inches long - 9.25" massage area. 1" diameter


1 Year

Product ID


Required By California Law - WARNING: This product may have materials, which are known to the State Of California, that can cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, California Prop 65:

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