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Unlimited Squat Rack with Pull-Up Bar


Unlimited Squat Rack with Pull-Up Bar

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The UNlimited Squat Rack With Pull Up Bar :

The Unlimited Squat Rack with Pull-Up Bar (SPB) is the perfect gift for any level of weightlifting enthusiast.

This durable squat rack is designed to give you a durable, tall squat rack with a pull-up bar.

The king in squat rack form has returned to reclaim his throne as the undisputed master of the gym. Its presence is felt immediately, not just through its sheer size and power, but also through the way it commands attention in any room it enters. The squat rack is a testament to this, with an intimidating air that stands out like a beacon even among the other heavyweights.

Have the Unlimited lifting Experience in Your Very Own, Home Gym

If you're looking to upgrade your home gym, the Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar from the Garage Series is a must-have. This rack is perfect for garage gyms, where space is limited, but functionality is key.

This Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar is made from high-grade steel, this durable and versatile piece of equipment beats versatility with its effectiveness. The designed rack allows you to perform a variety of exercises, from squats to pull-ups to anything thing that you can think that might attach to its 2x3 infrastructure.

Ensure that your workouts are well-rounded and effective in generating gains with a secure squat rack, barbell, and bench. Focus on your form and technique in the comfort of your own home.  

For Gyms and fitness enthusiasts looking to maximize their gym space, look no further than the Squat Rack With Pull Up Bar. It will make you fall in love with working out again.

Want to do a lot with a small garage gym Space? the unlimited Squat Rack is here!

Our commercial squat rack and garage series squat rack are perfect for both home and gym use. The Fringe Fam has received great customer feedback, with many experiencing the "Cheshire grin" after a good workout. Enjoy life while getting fit with this must-have piece of equipment that is a tall squat rack with a sleek black powder coat finish.

For fitness enthusiasts looking to maximize their gym space, the Squat Rack With Pull Up Bar is a game-changer. The garage gym rack is an ideal choice for those who want to customize their workouts and reach their fitness goals with ease.

Customize your Workouts and Your Squat Rack

This piece of exercise equipment has undergone several improvements to enhance its functionality, ensuring that users achieve maximum results in every workout session. This piece of exercise equipment has undergone several improvements to enhance its functionality, ensuring that users achieve maximum results in every workout session.

This is an Upgradeable Squat Rack

The Unlimited Squat Rack Series is built on a 2x3 infrastructure made from kick-ass heavier gauge steel, which means it's more durable and can withstand heavier weights. These Racks are upgradeableif you want something more serious in the Future. Keep upgrading to go from the original 2 uprights to 4 to 6!

See More Info about Upgrading here

Package Contents and Specifications

Contents: 2 Uprights, 1 Crossmember, J cup pair, 2"x2" base frames, Pull Up Bar, 4 Triangle Plates, 4 Floor mounting plates

  • 2x3 11 gauge steel uprights and crossmembers with black powder coat
  • ⅝” holes (16.5mm) accepts all competitors 2x3 ⅝” attachments
  • 1.25” pull up bar
  • Premium J cups with UMHW protection inside and outside j cup
  • Rack height - 90.5”
  • Width in between the upright 43.25”
  • Floor mounting brackets included
  • Base frame has 16.5mm holes for accessories and other attachments
  • West Side spacing on uprights for bench press
  • Heady duty 16mm hardware included
  • Adjustable pullup bar height
  • Base dimensions
    2x2” 11 gauge steel tubing with black powder coat
    47.25” wide
    53.5” deep


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Michael B.


Great squat rack and pull up bar. Very sturdy and durable.

Heather P.

Love it!

Great home system. I used sandbags to weigh it down just a bit more with kipping pull-ups but that was just preference, not really stability.

Lowell A.

Squat Rack with Pull up Bar

This is decent at the $450 price point. Since the price has been raised to nearly $600, I'd have to go with Rogue for the price. The lower price provides value in the $400 range. The fit and finish isn't on par for $600 compared to Rogue's products.

Robert S.

Great pull up bar for TALL People

This is a pretty great pull up bar if your tall. Im 6ft 2in and in its highest position - i have to tip toe or jump slightly to reach the bar. The rack and pull up bar looks and feels very strong and sturdy. It was bigger and more robust than I imagined it to be.

Jason L.

This stand w/ the safety arms is perfect!

Everything feels very solid, even throwing my weight around doing pull-ups without it being bolted down, so I'm not in a rush to get it bolted to anything (if I kipped though, I would probably want it bolted down). Added the safety spotter arms and they are easy to use and feel very solid. Overall I'm very happy with it!