WODmaster 20lb Weight Vest


WODmaster 20lb Weight Vest

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By: OneFitWonder by FringeSport

What You Need To Know About the WODmaster Weight Vest

Grab the only weight vest specifically designed for WODs like Murph and Clovis with the OneFitWonder WODmaster 20lb weight vest. Unlike most vests on the market, the WODmaster weight vest is designed to hug the body and has 4 points of adjustment to snug the vest tight against your body. The weight is fixed at 20#- exactly the right weight for most Hero WODs!

The WODmaster weight vest was designed and tested with running, pushups, kipping pullups, normal pullups, squats, burpees, thrusters, and more. It safely and comfortably hugs your body through all these movements!

Package Contents and Specifications

1 OneFitWonder WODmaster 20 pound Weight Vest

  • Weight: 20lb
  • Origin: China

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