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I only received part of my order? Where is the rest of it?

I see you guys are nearby, can I just pick up my order?

I just got a tracking number but it isn't showing me anything. What's wrong?

Return Policy

What is your return policy?

It's been longer than 365 days, can I still make a return?


Can I switch out product X for product Z in this package?

I thought I ordered a PAIR of 10lb Plates, but only received one box. What happened?

What are the dimensions of your bumper plates (OneFitWonder)?

Am I able to use your bumper plates in below freezing temperatures?

Sponsorship / Events

I have an event that I'm organizing, does FringeSport do sponsorships?

When is your next Garage Sale?


Do you offer discounts for military or law enforcement?

How do I use my gift card or coupon code on my order?

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