We pack our Bomba Barbells so it can make it to your doorstep in pristine condition. This can make it a little tough to unpack when it arrives. Here are instructions on removing your bar so you can get to lifting. 

Watch the video or view the transcribed instructions below.

Here's What You'll Need:

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Crescent Wrench - Any size should work, you'll need to pry the cap out.
  • OPTIONAL: Electric Screwdriver will make things move along quickly.


Choose the end of the barbell tube where the cork plug is flush with the end.

You can see on the other end the cork plug is pushed in further.


Remove the screws from either side of the tube.


Insert the rounded end of the crescent wrench in the hole of the cork plug. Using a rotating motion. Lever the cork plug free of the cardboard tube. It's designed to be a snug fit so don't afraid to use some elbow grease.

 STEP 4:

Enjoy your new Bomba Barbell!