10 Celebrity Fitness Tips to Get a Hollywood Body

Don't envy celebrities anymore, here are 10 fitness tips to get a Hollywood body.

No matter at what time of year or a film role, the most-wanted men and women of Hollywood do hit the gym to look their best on (and off) the red carpets and on the silver screen. And no prizes for guessing why!

Today, all over the world youngsters and adults alike care a lot about fitness. This fitness mantra is rising to the top of everyone's awareness these days. All talk and no action never works for anyone who wants to pump up to pomp and show their muscles owed to their workouts. Yet it is only during these ‘muscle testing’ times that celebrities, be it Hollywood or Internet stars, hugely inspire us to get out of our comfy beds and hit the gyms with great gusto. 

And these days it can be seen how trend of instant popularity is picking up with overnight stars breaking the internet with a well-made fitness video or dancing rehearsals that highlight the fitness freaks in them. So without further ado let's check out some of the most exciting health and fitness tips that these celebrities share to inspire and motivate us to shoot for the stars when it comes to fitness any day without a second thought.

Follow the ‘Get it right’ steps for that ‘picture-perfect body!’

  1. Get those ‘Killer’ Abs!

chris hemsworth

If your hunches tell you to do those crunches, then don't stop until you attain those killer abs. Six packs are not just a result of a rampage of exercises like crunches, planks and dead bugs. You have to walk (or jump or pump) an extra mile, diet right and do grueling workouts that will not only build the muscles but also burn that stubborn fat around your belly. For instance, bereft of a solid physique one cannot bag the role as the God of thunder like Chris Hemsworth. He even shared a few tips from his Instagram account on how to achieve that ‘godly’ look.

  1. Opt ‘fat-free’ foods for Now!

The first thing to do here is not to let yourself be fooled by the food labels that claim fat-free foods which only turn out to be loaded with sugar. This will hijack all your efforts. We are not talking to you about candy, and cookies or soda. The reality is sugar is virtually present in every food you eat. So, next time you are tempted to not go for fat-free foods repeat in your mind the above line, “Opt for no sugar”. The secret to success for actor-director Ben Affleck is easily his 6 pack diet plan where for each meal he ate around 45% carbs combined with 35% lean protein and 20% essential fats.

  1. Ramp up the ‘Intensity’

Do you think if you work long and hard in the gym this burns calories easier than if you intensely workout for 10 to 20 minutes? Some global fitness experts claim that an intense workout for a quarter hour does more wonders than a long and drab workout for hours on end. So the next time you are going to hire a gym trainer, tell him/her that the bottom line for you is not how long but how strong your workouts are gonna be. Just take a cue from Britney Spears’ intense sweat sessions for total finesse.

  1. Don’t just warm up, ‘Lift’ weights to tone up

brad pitt

Just doing warm-up exercises and shying away from the rest will never help to tone up your muscles if you are seriously aiming to get an athletic look. Lifting weights in the form of resistance training adds the much-needed muscle to speed up metabolism but also works out the biggest muscle groups in your body like chest, back, butt, and legs. Apply Brad Pitt’s Monday Chest routine workout and similar other workout routines for each day of the week to see the results for yourself!

  1. Eat ‘in order’

Whatever you decide to eat tonight, see if you are eating in the order of veggies and fruits first followed by bread and starches and then fill up with desserts and drinks putting the uglier ones (with high calories) last. This will help you to fill up with the right foods first and then move on to other non-essential foods. For those who like Justin Timberlake must surely know about his two breakfasts a day policy which you may follow if it's applicable in your case when you are having rigorous workouts daily.

  1. Forget not to ‘Sleep well’

Of course, you need not be reminded to sleep in the first place but to sleep long and beautiful is what you need to be constantly reminded of. Celebs take great care to get proper sleep. Add more power to your energy levels and fitness routines with good rest.

Bollywood hottie John Abraham adds that “Stinting on sleep, is actually stinting on your physique.”  He adds that muscles do not grow while one toils in the gym but they happen when they are in rest mode.

  1. ‘Practice Pilates’ 

Yes, that’s right! Pilates is not an exercise exclusive to women. In fact, more and more men have discovered the health benefits of this discipline. If you like to take inspiration from David Beckham, go ahead but see how to fall in love with your body when you fall in line with Pilates fitness training. Even the femme fatale of Bollywood also says that “Practicing pilates every day will help you stay active, healthy, and fit for long. Pilates is the most successful health and fitness tips that celebrities follow all around the world.”

  1. Don’t sedate, just ‘meditate!’

russell brand

There are countless benefits associated with meditation. If a well toned and healthy appearance is what you are looking for, then see how to meditate twice every day without fail like Hugh Jackman or Russell Brand who practice Transcendental Meditation every day for 20 minutes.


"Meditation is all about the pursuit of nothingness. It's like the ultimate rest. It's better than the best sleep you've ever had. It's a quieting of the mind. It sharpens everything, especially your appreciation of your surroundings. It keeps life fresh."- Hugh Jackman

  1. Be ‘specific’ with your fitness goals

beach body celeb

Many of you chase weight loss as your only fitness goal. But there other fitness goals that are just as relevant. There are specific goals like distance running on a treadmill for more time (or more speed), strength endurance, or HIIT circuit training. The choice is yours!

Bollywood’s very own Greek God Hrithik Roshan follows a strenuous workout regime but then has ‘specific’ workout plans for each day of the week barring Wednesday which involves 20 to 30 mins of cardio exercises. His true fitness mantra is “never feel sorry for yourself yet take the pain and learn to play with it!”

  1. Work on your ‘workout playlists’

And last but not least, Don’t play that same boring playlist again and again that causes more fatigue. Your workout playlist is a simple yet powerful way to help you stay motivated and work harder with more fun and jazz. Take a quick peek into Ashton Kutcher's work out playlist during your intense work out session.

There are endless fitness tips, but there's one that supersedes them all. Loving yourself and your body is what takes the cake and puts you on an endless drive to achieve your fitness goals. Countdown fitness tips from one to ten today, as there’s no tomorrow!

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