7 Reasons You Need a Kettlebell In Your Workout

7 Reasons You Need a Kettlebell

A kettlebell can be a versatile piece of equipment. They come in a range of weights and you'll benefit from owning at least one for your home gym.

Here are our 7 reasons you need a kettlebell in your regime.

1.) One Piece of Equipment, Multiple Exercises and Muscle Areas: There are a variety of exercises you can do with a kettlebell: Swings, Snatches, Turkish Get Ups, etc. A Kettlebell Swing, is great for strengthening your lower back, hamstrings, and glutes. Learn the difference between an American and a Russian Kettlebell Swing.

2.) Cardio + Strength Training: In addition to building strength, you'll also find it's a good cardio workout. Try swinging a heavy kettlebell and you'll find your heart rate speed up and your breathing is heavier.

3.) Strengthen, Rehab and Prevent Shoulder Injuries: One of the most neglected and injury-prone areas of the body is the shoulder. There are a few exercises you can do with a kettlebell that can help improve shoulder stability, mobility, and range of motion. Take a look at the 3 kettlebell movements to improve shoulder strength and mobility.

4.) Build Overhead Stability: You can watch use Strength Bands and Kettlebells to work on stabilizers in the upper back and shoulder girdle for pressing, snatching, etc. Use smaller weight and work your way up.

5.) Unconventionally Improve Range of Motion for Squats: Outside of working out with a kettlebell, you can use it for "gut smashing" to help improve your squats, deadlifts, and even back pain. Use the kettlebell to work the soft tissue of your abs, similar to foam rolling your back, hamstrings, etc.

6.) Build Grip Strength and Coordination: Kettlebell swings, cleans, or snatches requires the bell handle to shift positions within the hand. This is a major workout to increase your grip and forearm strength. Switching from double to single arm swings, not only helps with grip strength but also helps with coordinating your movements.

7.) Workout Anywhere w/ Kettlebells: Most kettlebell workouts require only one kettlebell and it targets multiple muscle groups, so if you're traveling or want to a change of scenery, you can can workout pretty much anywhere with a kettlebell. There are also Portable Kettlebell Sandbags that you can travel with empty and fill up on the go.

*BONUS: 8.) They're Affordable: Depending on what weight you need Kettlebells can be affordable. Since they're pretty durable, you won't have to replace them frequently. Our OneFitWonder Kettlebells are 10% OFF and are currently $22 - $170 depending on what size you choose, now through September 12th.

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