How much weight should you load on a prowler-type sled?

Sled work with a prowler-type sled is a fundamental of powerlifting and strongman conditioning, and you may have even seen it on ESPN while they televise the CrossFit Games. But if you have a prowler sled, how much weight should you load on it?

Weight on a prowler sled - pushing at Atomic Athlete

It depends on your goals. The image above is from Atomic Athlete. At Atomic, they are creating Hybrid Athletes- athletes that excel across multiple disciplines.

They load as follows:

  • Empty prowler sled- general (light) conditioning for 1-5 minutes of pushing effort.
  • 25# load- loading for weak athletes, for ~1-2 minutes of pushing effort.
  • 45# load- standard load for strong athletes for ~1-2 minutes of pushing effort.
  • 45# + 25# load- heavy loading, for efforts of 30-60s.
  • Anything heavier- very heavy loading, for short efforts of usually under 30s.

Pictured above is the Chariot Sled by OneFitWonder

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