3 tips for when you're lacking motivation to workout at home

What’s happenin’ brothers and sisters of iron? We’ve got another video from the one and only PK and it’s a good one - short and sweet. We know some of you have joined us in the Garage Gym Revolution, and with that, you’ve probably experienced some at-home workout fatigue in one way or another. We get it. It’s not always easy to motivate yourself to get into your garage gym and continue your journey when it seems like that’s all you’ve been doing, and will be doing for some time. While that might not necessarily be true, we understand that these feelings might crop up every now and then. You might be wondering, "how do I motivate myself to workout at home?"

We’ve got a few tips to help you to break through the lag and get the work done when you might not have had enough caffeine, sleep, or motivation to do it thus far.

These are PK’s hacks for motivation to workout in your garage gym.

1. Calendar your workout

We know a lot of you probably run your lives through your calendars, which is why it’s important to pencil in your workouts just like any other meeting or engagement. If your workouts are important to you, if your progress, your time for you, your gains are important to you, it’s crucial to treat those times just like any other thing that takes precedence in your life.

Give yourself the time you need to put in the hard work and do some violence against iron (or rubber). If it’s on your calendar, you’ll be less likely to skip out on another workout. If you’ve got your time slotted and your workout scheduled, like a work meeting, you shouldn’t skip out on it just like you wouldn't that skip that work meeting. Just like your coworkers, your garage gym gear relies on you to get the work done.

2. Get an accountability buddy or training partner

If you get a partner to train with, you’re going to keep them honest and they’re going to keep you honest. They’ll be able to push you further than you would on your own, and you’ll do the same for them.

Maybe you’re training together in your garage gym, or maybe you’re training separately in your own garage gyms and texting each other throughout your sessions and letting them know, while kicking them in the butt, that you’re going to hit your session.

If you’re struggling to find a training partner, an accountability buddy works just as well. Explain to the person of your choice your mission, your goals, and help them understand that sometimes your will power lacks. Ask them to help keep you honest. You could text them every time you finish a workout, letting them know that you’re one step closer to reaching your goals, or have them check in with you every so often.

3. Join the Garage Gym Revolution on Facebook

We KNOW you’ll be able to find a training partner or accountability buddy there. It’s full of positive, like-minded people on the same Garage Gym journey. Even if you’re not partnered with someone specifically, let the group know your thoughts and feelings and you can expect them to keep you honest and give you some motivation to do the hard things. Plus, every so often, we drop a little gem in there just for the group ;)

What do you do when motivation is lacking to get into your garage gym and get the work done? Share your best tips below, and in our Facebook group! Don’t forget to use our group as a resource when times get tough.

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