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Which Barbell Collar When?

by Susie Sebastian
barbell Collars

Powerlifting- Weightlifting- CrossFit Barbell Collars

Collars...we all use them and often get asked what different types are provided at Fringe Sport. We wanted to give you an inside look at their various advantages and disadvantages. Below is a video of Ricky, a Games/Grid Athlete, weightlifter, and Fringe Team Member giving us his take on collars.

Spring Clip Collars

Spring Collars

  • COST: $ - $9/pair
  • Great for any barbell work
  • Easy to get on and off the bar.

SuperStrap Collars

SuperStrap Collars

  • COST: $$ - $29/pair
  • Easiest to get on and off the barbell because of the velcro closure
  • There's padding on the inside so it won't slide.
  • Great for touch & go workout or any functional fitness workout.

OSO Barbell Collars

OSO Barbell Collars

  • COST: $$$ - $49/pair
  • Military-grade aluminum means it can take a beating.
  • The collar lever has three positions: Neutral, Open, and Close
  • Great for touch & go workout or any functional fitness workout.

Vaughn Weightlifting Collars

Vaughn Weightlifting Collars

  • COST: $$$$ - $129/pair
  • 2.5kg Collars
  • When you drop a heavy lift, you want to re-tighten them.
  • Great for those heavier Olympic lifts.

Susie Sebastian
Susie Sebastian


Susie is the Digital Marketing Specialist here at FringeSport. She's a web nerd and loves being a part of the FringeSport team!