Three KettleBell Movements that Improve Shoulder Strength and Mobility


Chances are that if you have ever trained with a boot camp, or really in any general strength and conditioning program, you’ve used kettlebells in your workouts. Nothing gets people winded faster than a healthy serving of moderately heavy American kettlebell swings, or taxes their coordination and grip strength like a few sets of alternating KB snatches. While kettlebells have been used for years to improve cardiovascular strength and muscular endurance, most people rarely implement them in any other areas of their training. Here are three movements that improve mobility and muscular stability in one of the most neglected and injury-prone systems of the body: the shoulder.

The Arm Bar

The staple for any shoulder mobility kettlebell routine.

The Turkish Get Up

A necessary accessory for not only improving shoulder stability, but also total core strength/endurance.

The Wind Mill

The perfect maintenance movement to keep your shoulders healthy and a must-do exercise for anyone looking to improve range of motion.

All of the above movements are great exercises to implement in your warm-up, accessory work, and, if need be, rehab. Try them out, share them with friends, and start improving your beat-up and immobile shoulders!


  • Greg Cerny

    I need more great starter ideas like this. I just started rehab one month ago. Please keep your less expensive items in the videos. You need to put together a "Grossly Outta Shape Starters Kit. Thanks Greg

  • Donnie Thompson

    Thank you. I didn’t know that. Love the arm bar one.

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