2 of the Best Mobilizations for Athletes with Office Jobs

Whether you're a serious competitor, or just a passionate fitness enthusiast, if you have an office job you’ve probably realized the detriment it has on your range of motion and positional strength in the gym.

Hunching forward with your shoulders and rounding the upper thoracic as you type at your desk, tightening your hip flexors and stomach musculature while sitting in your chair - these are just a couple examples of the detriments “normal” work life has on the body.

Although the best solution for overall tissue/joint health and increasing performance gains is to get out of the office for good, for a lot of people that’s just not plausible.

To combat the positions you put yourself in at work, Vaughn Weightlifting Mobility Coach and athlete Adam White takes us through 2 key mobilizations using our strength bands you can do before training to improve range of motion in the hip capsule for increased work capacity. 

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