Let's Celebrate The Workforce

Labor Day. A day to celebrate the workforce, the workplace, and the overall impact American workers have on maintaining and increasingly developing a strong nation and strong people.

In the fitness industry, whether you are a nationally renowned coach, home grown gym owner, or garage workout buddy, our business is people - and our work is the act of physically developing an individual's and/or community's strength.

The labor of the leaders in our world is literally directed at increasing the ability to labor for all of the rest of us. Their goal is to create people who are capable of doing anything and to insure that capability lasts throughout a lifetime.

When I think of my coach, I think of someone who works early mornings, late evenings, and studies tirelessly to grow his knowledge of health and fitness. When I think of my gym I think of a place where people find strength and courage, and gain independence and freedom. When I think of the Weightlifting, Strength and Conditioning, and Fitness community as a whole. I think about how many places like my gym there must be, and how awesome it is that so many people now have an opportunity to grow and prosper with the help of coaches, teammates, and training partners.

Growing up before the functional fitness boom, there were very few people I could personally look up to that exemplified health, fitness, and well being - This is no one’s fault, simply no one knew about the potential that we have, and how to harness it.

Fast forward to 2015 and it amazes and inspires me how many coaches, garage gym families, and “crazy” aunts and uncles there are in the world. This is a positive impact they are having on our American youth. We are filling the nation with positive role models and encouraging growth.

The work we do is vitally important to the well being of our families, community, and country. Every time a client is taught how to properly squat, a daughter is inspired by her dad training in the garage, or an old high-school teammate is brought into the gym for the first time by a friend, the world becomes a better place filled with better people.

To all those who work hard to teach, train, and inspire people to be more human, Thank You.

Happy Labor Day.


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