5 Boot Camp Wall Ball Exercises

We get feedback here at Fringe HQ from the wall ball purists out there who shy away from using the Immortal Wall Ball for boot camp wall ball exercises.

5 boot camp wall ball exercises

Since the Immortal Wall Ball is one of a kind and unlike any traditional medicine ball or slam ball, with lighter Immortals sporting a bit of a bounce, some have problems programming it into training.

We decided to use the bounce as an advantage and came up with these 5 boot camp wall ball exercises for partner training.

The differentiating factor and key benefit of this type of training, employing a bounce, is that the movement becomes reactive. 

Wall ball training can be predictive at times, thus minimizing the number of muscles used and the overall training stimulus. 

Reactive movements do the exact opposite. 

You can actually see in some of the movements below how the bounce catches you off guard and causes you to quickly adjust on the fly.

1. Sit Ups with Bounce Pass

partner wall ball sit ups with bounce pass

2. Burpees with Bounce Pass

burpees with bounce pass

You can make this movement easier and dial it down by not using the ball for the pushup.

3. Diagonal Wall Passes

diagonal wall passes

4. Floor Passes

wall ball floor passes

Mix this movement up by trying it kneeling.

5. Standing Woodchop Pass

wall ball standing woodchop pass

Again, you can add a twist to this exercise by trying it in a kneeling position.

If you're interested in more wall ball exercises and movements you can do solo, here's the perfect place to go.

Now that you're ready to put the Immortal Wall Ball to work in your bootcamp, you can have a closer look at it here.

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