666 Workout- 6 Ways to Train to a 6 Pack with a 6 lb Medicine Ball

Some people have problems figuring out what to do with a 6 lb medicine ball.

So we're here to turn you into a beast! Minus any unholy shenanigans.

Of course a 6 lb medicine ball isn't any different than other medicine balls, except that it's lighter. 

man and woman with medicine ball

This alone might cause people to not give the 6 lb med ball its due.

In fact, because it's lighter makes it perfect for serious ab training and core work. 

Medicine balls work swell for core work and abs, to begin with. By adding a 6 lb medicine ball to your lineup, while employing these exercises, you'll have speed bumps where you formerly had a stomach in no time.

6, 6 lb Medicine Ball Ab Exercises

3-Way Scissor Slam

You can up the difficulty of the 3-Way Scissor Slam by extending your legs, and keeping them up off the floor. 

Bonus points if you keep your toes pointed up while keeping your feet off the floor.


You can also tweak this movement by turning it into a weighted crunch. Instead of taking the med ball out of your hands, keep your hands at the side of your head. Do a crunch and try to touch your elbows to your knees, as you lift your knees upward.

GHD Russian Twist

If you don't know already, Russian twists work great for your core. Ever try one on a GHD? If you're looking to seriously ramp up the difficulty and hammer your abs, give this one a go.

Glute Bridge

After you lift your hips, perform more reps by simply lowering and lifting your hips.

Plank Jack

If you want to up the difficulty, put your hands on the ball instead of resting on your forearms.

Rolling Pushup

Too hard? You can lower the level of difficulty with one simple tweak. Don't roll the medicine ball from hand to hand. Keep it under one hand to do uneven pushups.

Additional 6 lb Medicine Ball Uses

Medicine balls are also great to check your depth on squats, which is a great example of another use. 

Using a light medicine ball, like the 6 pounder, is a great way to do movement training for Olympic lifts, like the clean for example.

Perfect for novice lifters or someone new to Olympic lifts, the 6 lb medicine ball is a great way to learn specific lifts and pattern the movements.

Finally, you can always use your 6 lb medicine ball to play Hoover Ball. 

Don't know what Hoover Ball is? Check it out below.

Want a Taste of Your Own Medicine? Try a 6 lb dose of ours.

Thanks for reading Fringe Nation. 

If you have any ideas, input or feedback about using a 6 lb medicine ball, please share with us in the comments below.

Have a great day and go beyond the ordinary!

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