Favorite Gear Fridays - Troy VTX Bumper Plate Review

Troy VTX Bumper Review

FringeSport just got in a new shipment of Troy VTX bumper plates. Troy changed the construction of the bumpers and we decided to give them a torture test to see how the new construction holds up.

In short

The new Troy VTX bumpers are a huge improvement over the old style of Troy bumpers- and may even be the most durable 10 pound bumpers available.

The pros:

  • New, durable design
  • Dense rubber is narrow on the bar
  • Low bounce
  • Smooth finish

The cons:

  • Very strong rubber odor (at first- this should go away)
  • Long term durability is unknown, but should be good

The Troy VTX Bumper review

There are a lot of options for bumper plates on the market these days, but the achilles heel of most bumpers has been the durability of the lower weight (10#s, 15#s, and to a lessor extent, the 25#s). Troy's new design on the 10# bumpers is a big leap forward in durability, with a low price. Check out the video below to see the bumpers put to the test.

The Troy VTX Bumper video review

This has been Peter from FringeSport. Got questions? Tweet me up @petekeller, or call us at Fringe at 512.201.4404.


  • John Janecek

    Our first batch of Troys fell apart in less than a year, $15,000 worth at our HS-they were the ones with the nothces in them to fit together. Here’s a short video of the replacement VTX’s we got, after three months use…

    Enjoy, Never will buy them again, help spread the word.


  • Peter

    Love it!

  • philip

    awesome video on the 10lbs plates. btw, alex bends too much at the waist during his squat……figures.

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