3 Reasons Why I Invested In Colored Bumper Plates

Training is an investment in yourself. Whether you are working out to compete, or to be able to play with your kids, the time you put in the gym is valuable and essential - your gym's equipment should be the same. 

When my friends and I began training in our garage, like most people, we were on a budget. When looking at bumper plates we went with the cheapest ones available, which like today were black.

If we were to go back and do it again, I’m sure we would do the exact same thing. There are great high quality black bumpers on the market, and when you first begin training - you don’t really know what you’ll want anyway. However after a few short months, we ended up saving money and then investing in colored bumpers - here’s why.

Training To Compete:

At the time, we were all primarily weightlifting, and out of the three of us, two were training to qualify for USA national weightlifting meets. There is something to be said for practicing like you play, and in that sense when you lift on colored bumpers you feel like a real weightlifter and in some way it gives you even more purpose during training.

Knowing Weight Conversions:

Knowing weight conversions of plates via colors is invaluable when training with other weightlifters at different gyms or in training halls at competitions. Especially if you are training primarily at a box where everything is in pounds, if you can use colored bumpers then at least you will know that when you grab a blue bumper plate, whether its 45lbs or 20kgs, the weight will be about the same.

Look Like A Bada$$ - Feel Like A Bada$$

Colored plates look cool. When you watch any of the top lifters at national or world meets, or bigger CrossFit events - everyone is lifting or working out on colored bumpers. Kind of like wearing the same shoes as your favorite athletes, training on colored bumper plates brings you one step closer to being and feeling elite.

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  • Keith

    I think that is cool and inspirational.

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