FringeSport Games Open Winners announced...

We hope you enjoyed the FringeSport Games Open Challenge! Our competitors submitted their scores for each WOD announced online and we'd like to commend each and every athlete for competing.

The Winners of the 2013 FringeSport Open are (in no particular order):

  • Liz V.
  • Joseph G. 
  • Tracey M. 
  • Willie M. 
  • Vanessa C.

Congratulations! As one of our top athletes you win a FringeSport drawstring backpack with one of our new colorful OneFitWonder Cable Speed Ropes (see details below) and a pair of OFW Gymnastic Grips. Each winner may also choose from our large inventory of FringeSport t-shirts.

If your name is listed above, contact our office at (512) 201-4404 or email to claim your prize! Thank you so much for your participation!

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