Medicine Balls, Not Just For Wallballs

Constantly varied, functional movement, at high intensity - the base of any good training regiment.

Over the past few years it seems like coaches and athletes alike have gotten away from what once was the core of functional training, and taken the road of lifting heavy barbells lots of times, all the time. 

Depending on your goals, this might be perfect for you, however for those looking for a broad and general all inclusive fitness, there is more to be had in the world than just a perfect bar path. 

Whether you are programming for yourself or for your clients, a good rule of thumb when starting to broaden your training modalities is to look around at the edges of the gym. Kettle Bells, GHD's, Medicine Balls - all things that seem to get a singular use and only every once and a while - are all tools that are multipurpose and can deliver an array of different stimuluses. 

Here's a few ideas on Medicine Ball Movements you're not doing, but should be.

MedBall Slams:

Just like you would with a slam ball, Medicine ball slams are a great way to add a burst of intensity to any workout. 

Keep the rep scheme low and execute as fast as possible. Once you understand the type of burn you'll get start to incorporate them in interval training or write up a spicy descending rep couplet. 

GHD Situps:

The GHD is not used nearly as much as it should be. Not enough people have them and because of that a vast majority of athletes are missing out of an essential tool that will build hamstring/glute and midline strength.

Once you do have a GHD, you can use a Med Ball to weight either situps, hip extensions, or even glute ham raises. 

Throughout all those movements focus on keeping the back flat throughout the entire range of motion - you'll probably have to start lighter than you'd think.

Split Jerk Balance:

With a training partner, improve stability and positional strength in the overhead receiving position of the split jerk. Check out the video to see how it's done.

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