New OneFitWonder Colored Bumpers

You asked, we heard, and we are proud to announce our launch of revamped OneFitWonder Color Bumper Plates.

Our new line of colored bumpers incorporate many of the tried and true features of our previous colored bumpers, as well as our current black econ bumpers - that is to say they are low bounce, compiled of a unique blend of high density virgin rubber, incorporate a rock solid steel insert, and sport a slightly lesser plate width than that of other bumpers on the market (except 10’s and 15’s) to insure long lasting performance as well as provide more loadable space on the barbell sleeve.

What we’ve changed is the color scheme. 10’s are now gray, 15’s are black, 25’s are green, 35’s are yellow, 45’s are blue, and 55’s are red.

We loved the originality of our old color scheme, but to provide the most consistency and quality of training to our customers it just made sense to change our plate color coding to the IWF standard.

Although our plates are still in pounds, whether you’re a weightlifter, powerlifter, or barbell enthusiast, lifting on OneFitWonder Color bumpers now almost exactly replicates lifting on a National or International platform (pound plates are actually slightly heavier than their kilogram counterparts. For example: A blue 45lb bumper plate is 1lb heavier than a blue 20kg plate), and ensures that you when you're training or competing you can make quick addition of what's loaded on the bar purely by the colors present.

If you love OneFitWonder bumpers and have thought about stepping up your game to the level with colors, now is the time to do it. Happy lifting!

Upgrade your bumpers to our new colors now! Click here to BUY NOW!


  • Peter Keller

    Hey Rudy and Roger! We have a few of the “old color scheme” bumpers around. But soon, we’ll be all out. So give us a call- 512.201.4404 ASAP!

  • Rudy

    Can the original green 10 lb. bumpers still be ordered?

  • Roger Bearss

    Can the old color scheme still be ordered.

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