Randal Setzler and Peter Keller celebrating Randal's upcoming trip to Russia for kettlebellingAt Fringe, one of the things we love is seeing our customers and friends succeed in fitness, and in life. I've had the pleasure of knowing Coach Randal Setzler for around 7 years, and I've seen him transform from a parkour ninja to a horse vaulter (!), acroyogi, CrossFit Central Coach, elite kettlebeller, and all-around badass.

Randal's newest challenge is to face the Russians on their home turf; he recently placed first at the American Kettlebell Alliance Inc. World Championship Qualifiers and he's headed to the World Championship in Russia!

This is especially noteworthy because Randal placed first with his specialty, the 16kg 'bells, and because he is moving up to the 24kg kettlebells for the Championship. Randal weighs in at about 140# and is known around Austin as "140lbs of Fury."

So, drop Randal a tweet or check out his website to follow his adventures. USA! USA! USA!

Kettlebeller Randal Setzler

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Peter Keller
Peter Keller


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October 03, 2013

Way to go, coach!

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