A crazy deal on sandbags- and they're almost gone!

It's no secret I love sandbags.

And we've got some great ones that we make ourselves.

But we recently came across a deal for small MDUSA Sandbags. We've sold these bags before and they're good bags.

MDUSA was going out of business and they had 1 pallet of the bags left. We offered them a great price, and bought the whole pallet.

And now we're passing the deal on to you. We normally sell these all day long for $39 with free shipping. But until we run out:
  • Buy 1 for $25
  • Buy 2 for $45
  • Buy 4 for $80
All with free shipping.

This is a crazy deal, and we're going to run out.

If we do, check out our OneFitWonder Sandbags- they're great and still reasonably priced at $39 with free shipping.

And once you get a sandbag and fill it, try AMRAP of sandbag getups in 10 minutes. Sounds easy; feels like death.

Send us pictures of you doing sandbag work!



** We SOLD OUT of MDUSA Sandbag Trainers shortly after this posted so we're offering $5 off our OneFitWonder SandBag Trainers.

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