A Day in the Life of an ELITE CrossFit athlete

In this installment of our blog, we’re featuring one of our very own, an ELITE CrossFit athlete, coworker, and saleswoman, Lauren Pettineo.

If you’d seen or had known Lauren about 9 years ago, you wouldn’t recognize her. She’s completely transformed her life as a CrossFit athlete and it shows. Although she’s only lost about 5 or 6 pounds in total, she’s transformed into an absolute machine in the CrossFit world, and her mindset in the sport has trickled into her everyday life, and it’s very apparent. (We love Lauren, if you couldn’t tell).

Lauren is originally from Chicago, Illinois and has been in Austin for about 6 years now. She got her start in CrossFit by chance, when she had hit a personal point in her life where she needed to make some changes to be the best version of herself. Her friend had suggested a local CrossFit gym that was close to her, and at first, she walked in, and walked right back out. People were dropping barbells, swinging from a rig, the music was loud… so it was understandably overwhelming. At this point, Lauren had walked out, but had decided that she needed to make a change, and maybe it wasn’t going to be CrossFit, but she had to give it a try. She walked back, took her first class, and she was hooked.

Lauren works and has worked extremely hard at all the things necessary to become the athlete she is today. She's never taken the easy route, and when a challenge presents itself, she's practicing and practicing until she can conquer whatever she faces. She wasn't always a stellar athlete, but she started as a beginner and she's worked tirelessly to become one, because that was her goal. She's surrounded herself with a group of individuals, a coach, and friends that motivate her to be better and challenge her, and that's part of what sets her apart from others.

Check out the video above for more on Lauren and her journey to becoming an elite CrossFit athlete, and what her day-to-day life entails to be so good at her sport.

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