All we wanna do is build cool $#!+ with dope people

I saw a shirt at the CF Games this year:

"All I wanna do is lift heavy $#!+ with dope people"

I love the shirt. I took a look online and found a lot of places with similar memes. We'll be doing our own version in sticker and maybe shirts too.

And it got me thinking.

A slight tweak:

All we wanna do is build cool $#!+ with dope people

That's what we're doing here at Fringe. We love garage gymmers, box owners, lifters, WODers, and everyone who has decided (to paraphrase Rippetoe) that EASY will no longer suffice.

These people are our tribe, outside Fringe, and within. When I travel, I seek you out- because you're dope.

And when we develop gear, we want it to be awesome- because that's what you deserve.

Then we price it well, with an eye on value, and back it with the best customer service in the biz.

Because you're dope, and you deserve it.

Take our barbells. We've got three main bars:

  • The Wonder bar. It's the best WOD bar- designed for the box, at home in the garage. We offer both 20kg and 15kg bars starting under $200, including free delivery. They're lifetime warrantied, and they're fantastic to lift on. You can find a better bar... but you can't pay less and find a better bar.
  • The Bomba bar. A US-made all-rounder. WODing, fast lifts, slow lifts- it eats them all up. Priced nice in the mid $200s, lifetime warrantied, free shipping.
  • The Vaughn bar. Designed to go toe to toe with $800 bars. What brand? I can't say but it kinda rhymes with "I freak you". Lifetime warranty (duh), smooth as butter spin, whip that'll make you slap yo momma. Yeah, this is designed for oly, but I WOD with it. Don't tell Chad.

This week only, we've giving away our super strap collars and a free barbell sock.

The collars are my favorite (my second fave is the OSOs). They're great for Oly and for quick changes.

The barbell sock is something we designed for Chad. Think gun sock, but for your barbell, not your rifle. Is your barbell not that important to you? Drink some more koolaid and lift heavier. She will be.

Anyway, I kinda have to pimp our sales in these emails, and I'm always jazzed about them. But I'm more jazzed about sharing why we do what we do.

Anyway, I am off to Africa on some personal development stuff, so I'll be dark for about a week. If you want to talk to me about anything, you know my email-

And if you want to buy anything or talk to our sales and customer care kids, just reply. Or like visit our website. It's what it's there for -



Me teaching at Camp NerdFitness last weekend ( .
Photo by Will Byington (

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