Vaughn Barbell Sock


Vaughn Barbell Sock

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By: Vaughn Weightlifting

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What You Need To Know

The Vaughn Barbell Sock by Vaughn Weightlifting is a perfect accessory to your Vaughn Barbell. It was designed in collaboration with Chad and Jodi Vaughn to be the go to item. 

  • Full year satisfaction guarantee.
  • Designed by Olympic lifters Chad and Jodi Vaughn.
  • Nylon blend material - green and orange color blend.
  • Fits on most 2" Olympic barbells - 15kg or 20kg just choose your bar size.
  • It's perfect for the hardcore athletes that travel with their barbell to the everyday gym that wants to protect their barbell from the outside elements.
  • Drawstring end closure to easily put on and remove on your barbell.

Package Contents and Specifications

  • Contents: 1 - Travel Barbell Sock by Vaughn Weightlifting
  • Weight: 1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 87.5 inches for the 20kg sock or 81 inches for the 15kg sock, 4 inches wide.
  • Material: Nylon Blend

More information

The Vaughn Barbell Sock was designed by Chad and Jodi Vaughn's need to have their barbells protected when they travel to and from seminars and training sessions.

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