Best Flooring For Garage Gyms

Hey Fringe Fam! Jason is back today to talk about the top choices for garage gym flooring. This video has been LONG awaited, and we’re going to break this topic down for you.

No Flooring/Concrete

no flooring, or concrete, works as a garage gym flooring option


Yes, it’s true! You can work with the basic concrete flooring in your garage gym. You can lift right on the concrete, which likely expands your gym from just inside of your garage to your driveway as well (talk about maximizing space!).

Our bumper plates are super durable, and you can drop them on concrete without issue. Now, when considering this option, keep in mind that if you’re a CrossFitter or functional fitnesser, you’ll likely be getting up and off of the ground. If you’re good with that, roll with concrete flooring!

If you do want flooring, we have several options for you. Keep reading, Fringe Fam.

Puzzle Mat Flooring

puzzle mat flooring, like you might buy for your kids, works for flooring in your garage gym

This is where a lot of people start when they’re at the beginning of their own Garage Gym journey. It’s popular to start with puzzle mats because they’re inexpensive and widely available. The downside here is that puzzle mats tend to come apart really easily, they can tear, and they aren’t the best to lift on because they tend to be kind of squishy.

If you’re doing bodyweight exercises, or you’re on the ground a lot, they’ll provide a lot of great cushioning for your workouts.

Stall Mat Flooring

stall mats, like the mats used in horse barns for literal horses, works fabulously in a garage gym


Yes, stall mats! The mats used in horse stalls that are trampled and stood on by horses up to 2,200lbs. 

A lot of people tend to go the stall mat route. Stall mats are also readily available, and you can find them at your local farm and feed store or tractor supply. They’re 4 feet by 6 feet, and really easy to put into your garage space.

You can lift on stall mats without issue with bumper plates or iron plates. You can do CrossFit workouts on them and get on and off the ground very quickly. Stall mats provide tons of versatility and are extremely durable, while also fitting into most budgets.

Lifting Platform

a weightlifting platform has rubber on the outside and wood slatted into the middle. this is great for those big into weightlifting, but not general fitness or CF workouts


The next thing to consider if you're super hardcore into weightlifting is a weightlifting platform. With a platform, you’ll either have to assemble it yourself or buy one from us or another company.

These platforms are typically all rubber or feature a wood insert in the center. You can drop whatever you want on a weightlifting platform, and some of them even have pegs for bands.

Weightlifting platforms are great to lift on, but not so great for a generalized fitness workout or CrossFit workout. If you’re heavy into lifting, a platform is a great option.

Commercial Grade Rubber Flooring

commercial garage gym flooring comes in rolls, and we can help you with that!


The final option on our list is commercial-grade, rolled in, rubber flooring that covers your entire garage.

There’s a lot of companies offering this type of flooring now. We offer it and can provide it through our home gym solutions. We’ll come out and install gym flooring right in your home!

This is the kind of flooring commercial gyms use. It’s easy to install, it always stays in place, and becomes a permanent structure in your home. You can drop anything on it, get down on it, get off of it, and provide permanent protection for your flooring.

Commercial grade flooring for your home gym does tend to be a big commitment, and if it does feel that way, don’t be discouraged. That’s what all the other flooring options above are for!


Get the flooring that works best for you & your space

Maybe that flooring is one of the types mentioned above, and maybe it's concrete. Our bumper plates and equipment are tough, durable, and built to last on whatever flooring you'll be working out on.

If you have more questions about garage gym flooring, what kind works best for you and your space, or how we can provide you with custom flooring installation through Koncept Garage or Texas Garage Gym Builders, let us know below in the comments, or send us a message on our site. We'd be happy to help you find the best flooring for your garage gym needs!

As always, lift heavy, lift happy :)

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