Day 7 | The Octopus is the Jason Bourne of the Sea

Recap: As you may have noticed, we’re a bit different here at Fringe, and in keeping with this theme, we’ve decided to provide you with cool octopus facts over the next 8 days leading up to the release of something very special & TOP SECRET 🤫...

Fact #7 The Octopus is the Jason Bourne of the Sea

The octopus lives like the perfect gray man of marine life.

What's a gray man? A gray man is defined as "A man who can blend into any scene or situation without standing out, hiding his skills and qualities." Sounds like a super spy to me! Or for fans of the Bourne Identity Series...

You can call the octopus the "Jason Bourne of the sea" especially after learning how lethal it can be!

The best example of this is the mimic octopus.

Never heard of it? Neither had the ENTIRE WORLD until the 1990s. Talk about off-grid!

Not only does a mimic octopus use camouflage like any other octopus, but it also can alter its shape and form to look like a variety of other creatures: a sea snake, a sting-ray, a flounder, a different species of octopus, a jellyfish, a crab, a lionfish, and even a rock. Hence, why it wasn't discovered until the end of the 20th century. Check it out below! 



What's the craziest creature you've ever seen?? Tell us in the comments below. 

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