DIY Space | 3 Magic Items Under $25 to Transform Your Gym

For our 3rd DIY project, we have an interesting take. This is not something you will be constructing. Instead, it will be wayyy easier. All you have to do is acquire the items, make two cuts, and viola, you’re done!

Yup. That’s seriously it.

What items you ask? 

They’re not pretty, but they’re definitely game-changers. I’m talking about good ole PVC pipe, spring links, and old school chains. 


Use PVC Pipe, Spring Links & Chains To Upgrade Your Gym!

PVC offers a multitude of uses in a gym. From mobility, to slosh pipes, to parallettes, to rings, to storage, to even decor, PVC can help anyone who goes to or owns a gym, so long as they’re willing to keep their minds open. Also, it’s hella cheap. Combined with the power of spring links and chains, you’ve got a recipe for some gainz! 

The Magic of 3 Items

  • Add weight easily to exercises
  • Build strength incrementally
  • Creative Ways to Workout


This will cost you less than $30 and take less than 10 minutes of your day (depending on how close your hardware store is)… Who can argue with that?? 

Step #1 Go Get Your Gear

Must Haves

  • 1 – 1.5” x 2 ft. PVC (pre-cut short piece if they have it. If not you can cut it yourself at a station at your local hardware store.)
  • 2 lengths of – 2-3 ft., 1/4” chain (Stick with the cheapest you can find. You don’t need anything fancy for this. Again, someone will help you cut it at your local hardware store if you need it.)
  • 3 – 7/16” Spring Links (300 lb ones are a safe bet, but if you’re feeling frugal, you can get cheaper ones too.)


  • Hack Saw or something to cut PVC with. If you don't own a hacksaw and don't have access to one, you can get one Amazon for less than $8. They also have really nifty PVC pipe cable saws. They're perfect for DIYs because they're about $5 and are ideal for cutting in confined areas. 
PVC Pipe Cutting

★ PRO TIP: The diameter of your PVC pipe will make gripping it harder or easier (the wider the diameter, the harder it will be). However, the pipe must be big enough for the chain to pass through. Just remember, even though it’s more difficult to do, doesn’t mean it’s not good for you and your gainz! 

Step #2 Get to Cutting!

With the PVC pipe you just purchased, you want to make some handles,n so make sure the length is slightly wider than your palm.

Mine ended up coming out to a little over 3.5 inches so that’s up to you on that. 


Anddddd DONE! That’s truly the end of it. Now let’s talk about all the options that await you in your now updated gym! 

Option #1: Weighted Pull-Ups and Dips

Because pull-ups and dips weren’t hard enough already, right? 

Option #2 Dip Belt Squats

For these exercises, you will need a belt. Don't have one? Check out a few here on AmazonThese are great if you are working with an injury or if you don’t want to load your spine/lower back with a ton of weight.

Just string your chain through your belt and a weight plate. No weight plates? kettlebells work just as good or even cement blocks. Then secure the weighted chain to your belt using the spring link and get to dipping!

Need some tips? Watch the video below. 

★ PRO TIP: I do not recommend using chairs (although I have seen a lot of blogs out there mention this) to do dips but if you have some plyos (any size as they only need to be as tall as you need to get some depth in the squat without the plate touching the ground) or some steps ups those will work just fine and be a lot safer. Or if you wanna do chairs, hey more power to you, but please be safe!!

Option #3: Farmer’s Carries

 farmer's walk handles DIY

Easily complete farmer's carries (functional and effective, these increase your grip, arm, back, shoulder, core, and leg strength) by combining the chains, handles (from PVC pipe) and a plate. 

Don’t have plates? No problem. You can actually use cement blocks just as easily and they’re mad cheap too. See here.

Have any other cool ideas on how to use this power trio? Let us know in the comments! 

Guest Blog Author: Sydney Capello 

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